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Santex Group at ITMA 2015

Knits finishing machine Santasynpact, (c) Santex Group
Santex Group will present knits finishing machine Santasynpact and the new CAVIMELT "Plug + Play" for coating and laminating on ITMA 2015 in Milan
Santex Textile Division is showing with Santasynpact their newest addition to the Santex family of knits finishing machines. The main goal is to provide the highest performance and best fabric quality with minimum production costs. Santasynpact is a combination of rubber belt shrinkage and felt belt compacting unit in one line with levelling frame at the entry. With this new development compaction results are significantly improved and at production speeds 2 to 3 times higher than conventional felt compacting systems. Santex will show the latest version with special designed felt belt features to ensure the sensitive handling of cotton or cotton blended knits and to maximise performance.
Cavitec, a brand name of Santex AG Switzerland is showing their new CAVIMELT P+P. It is a streamlined machine developed with the goals of precision, production and cost effectiveness in Hotmelt Coating and Laminating using the rotogravure system.
This compact design integrates the unwinder and rewinder in one machine frame, accepting rolls up to 600 mm in diameter and working width of 1600 – 2’400 mm. Operating speed is up to 40 m/min and  allows coating weights from 3 – 80 gsm. All well known adheseves in thermoplastic and reactive Hotmelts are applicable. The end use of the so produced fabrics are for active wear, automotive interiors, home textiles, technical composites, etc.
The machine is delivered pre-wired, assembled and tested. The CAVIMELT P+P stands for Plug+Play, because of short installation and commissioning time.
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