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New cooperation between E+L and Evoconvert

The company Evoconvert from Konya (Turkey) and the Erhardt+Leimer Group with headquarters in Stadtbergen (Germany) have agreed on a new cooperation for the markets in Turkey as well as Greece. Evoconvert builds slitter rewinders, inspection rewinders, laminators and coating machines and sells them worldwide.

For these machines, E+L supplies various components for web guiding and web tension control as well as inspection and web monitoring systems.

The managing director of Evoconvert, Zümran Açmaz, has already had her business roots in the printing and converting industry for many years due to her many years of employment with the Tifmak company in Turkey. During this time, she established good contacts with Erhardt+Leimer GmbH, and now that Açmaz has set up her own company last year, it was obvious for E+L to agree on a cooperation with her. In this way, Erhardt+Leimer now benefits from the high level of trust that Evoconvert enjoys among its customers.

With this cooperation, Erhardt+Leimer not only gains a competent sales partner for its customers in Turkey and Greece, but also a partner who can offer on-site technical service and supply spare parts quickly from its extensive warehouse.

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© 2021 Erhardt + Leimer

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