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AATCC offers zero-cost licenses for online education during COVID-19 crises

To assist AATCC members during the COVID-19 pandemic, the association has authorized its copyright manager, the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), to issue zero-cost licenses to academic institutions and educators to use copyrighted AATCC materials to continue online education during the crisis.

This includes uses such as (but not limited to) reproduction and distribution, display (such as through a computer), and other copyright-protected rights to the extent AATCC has the rights to grant them. This authorization is valid through August 1, 2020, and does not include commercial, non-educational use of AATCC copyrighted materials.

Educators who are AATCC members may use any materials included at the AATCC Journal of Research and AATCC Review by logging in at www.aatcc.org and downloading pdf versions of papers or articles from these publications. They may also use any materials from the AATCC News Newsletter or the archives of the American Dyestuff Reporter (the latter by filling out a form to request the specific issue desired).

(c) 2020 AATCC
(c) 2020 AATCC

Educators who are not AATCC members may be able to obtain some of these resources through their university library and are still permitted to use the resources without paying for a copyright license through August 1st.

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