The chemistry of denim: Officina39 technologies on stage in Milan

(c) 2024 Officina39
Ensuring classic and new looks through responsible production processes is the priority of the Italian company, which participates with its innovative solutions in the home edition of Denim Première Vision.

Within the fashion world, denim represents a cultural microcosm of strong tradition and know-how, rotating around timeless pillars while travelling to unexplored horizons. For example, stone-washed jeans were once a must in the fashion scene, but then we discovered how much pumice stone was impacting the environment and how many millions of hectoliters of water were being wasted in the name of fashion. How can the beauty of stonewashing be preserved without perpetuating its negative effects?

Aqualess All-In-One is the answer: a new Enzyme water-free, an “all-in-one” product and 100% pumice stone replacement. A new milestone in Officina39 Aqualess Mission, to get stone-wash and authentic vintage looks in conventional machines, at room temperature. Outstanding abrasion and high contrast effects, low environmental impact and excellent anti-backstaining properties, better bluish cast compared to pumice stone, without the labor-intensive process of removing it.

Aqualess All-In-One is suitable not only for indigo and black denim, but also for garments treated with Officina39’s premium dyestuffs: Recycrom™, Novantic and Nebudye.

(c) 2024 Officina39
(c) 2024 Officina39

When it comes to giving stylistic effects to denim, INTENSE CEL BLOCK product is a remarkable innovation in textile design. It serves as a color blocker and fixer. This special compound can be applied via spray, brush, or sponge, either localized or all-over, to achieve high- reserve effects on denim or colors following bleaching/corrosion or acid wash. It maintains very bright and intense color where applied. Perfect for creating “patches” effects, the INTENSE CEL BLOCK is formulated without reactive resins or acidity-releasing agents, thus preserving fabric strength and soft hand feel. Officina39 applied this product to obtain a unique Pixel Art effect.

Certainly, the efficacy of the effects also depends very much on the quality of the underlying dye and with EASYNDIGO Officina39 makes indigo garment dyeing easy, while reducing the consumption of water, energy and resources. The technology, based on the Pull&Push Mechanism, uses specific formaldehyde-free agents (DETERWET EASYNDIGO, DISPERSOLO EASYNDIGO, BASE EASYNDIGO) to enhance a dyeing process of raw garments resulting in a bright and deep indigo color, improving wash and rubbing fastness, increasing lightfastness and levelness. This chemical package reaches its deepest effectiveness and gets power in combination with Tonello’s DyeMate technology: in the name of their shared passion for indigo and its history, the two Italian companies have combined their efforts to develop this innovative chemical and technological dyeing process. Watch the video and discover EASYNDIGO here!

Another all-Italian collaboration of not only technological, but also ethical value is RE-UP: an upcycling project that gives new life to OVS garments through a creative collection made with Officina39’s Recycrom™ dyestuff by people with intellectual disabilities, whom the non-profit association Valmour helps to join the workforce.

Last but not least, one can say that Officina39 actively partycipates in this Denim Première Vision edition, by being one of the main partners of the “Denim Party – Food, drink and DJ set”, on the evening of June 5 in the same venue of SUPERSTUDIO PIÙ in Milan.

You will find Officina39 at booth B8.

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