Denim Première Vision announces the 2nd edition of its Digital Denim Week: July 5 to 9, 2021

For next season, the teams have decided to renew the successful experience of the first edition (5,012 unique visitors, 8,000+ product sheets consulted, 1,499 participants in the Digital Talks) with an entirely digital event that will fully take over for the physical edition of the show, initially scheduled for May 25 & 26 in Milan.

Last November, Denim Première Vision inaugurated a new event format: the DIGITAL DENIM WEEK.

Taking place entirely online on the Première Vision website ( - a single website now incorporating all the shows and the Marketplace - Denim Première Vision proposes a week-long event, from July 5 to 9, to discover its exhibitors’ new collection materials and latest product developments for Autumn Winter 22-23.

The DIGITAL DENIM WEEK is also a dive into the heart of the season’s decodings - including trends, products and materials - with targeted discussions by select key players and experts, as well as a program of conferences and masterclasses to address the industry’s new challenges.  


«This is a historic time. Like any period of upheaval, it gives us a chance to reflect on our values and reinvent ourselves. It’s already offering our industry new opportunities, though we might not yet be fully aware of them, or able to identify them.

It’s rare to be given the opportunity to experience such watershed moments, and not every past generation has had such a chance. Right now we have the opportunity to dream, plan and implement the world we want for ourselves and for generations to come. We are privileged to be at the center of the fashion of the future. We can imagine and create it together, to make it more inclusive, equal, clean, ethical and coherent.

In October, we will finally have the chance to meet again. We’re so impatient for that moment - it will surely be a joyful celebration! In the meantime, during the Digital Denim Week, we are happy to be able to meet virtually, to work together, in a creative business environment designed to help us develop ambitious goals.»


With the launch of its Marketplace in 2018, Première Vision was among the very first in the industry to invest in digital technology to provide international markets with online services in complement to its physical events, and provide concrete solutions addressing brands’ sourcing needs and the challenges faced by exhibitors in terms of their collection visibility and promotion on a global scale. Denim Première Vision exhibitors joined the Marketplace boutiques in May 2019. Since the beginning of the health crisis, they have enjoyed freely updated online collections, with no limit on the quantity of products presented, nor any constraints in terms of commitment or duration. The Première Vision Marketplace is now accessible directly via the single website:

The DIGITAL DENIM WEEK is a meeting place for the international denim community, with:

- The material collections, know-hows and latest technological and creative innovations proposed for Autumn Winter 22-23 by a selection of leading companies among the most innovative in the global creative-denim industry: weavers, garment makers/laundries/finishers, accessory makers and technology developers, from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Pakistan, India, Tunisia, and more. An international offer, found on the Première Vision Marketplace, with a more efficient interactive digital catalog to facilitate both product presentation and buyers’ sourcing:

• For exhibitors: quick and easy on-line uploading of their collections and materials to their e-shops, without any limit to the number of products, and the ability to create private catalogs for special customers.

• For buyers: the ability to easily select, pin, sample and order products .

- Expanded and optimized functions and features to boost networking through the Première Vision Marketplace, to help fashion brands and suppliers strengthen their interactions, discussions and business:

• More efficient customer/supplier link-up tools to improve direct contact and remote business interactions, including the launch of video conferencing appointments via the video-call features of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, to personalize meetings and make it easy to present material collections.

• More immersive multimedia company profiles to energize the presentation of each exhibitor’s business activity, with information about the company - contacts, know-hows, specificities, etc. - illustrated by images, texts or videos, and the ability to highlight specific product information via photos or videos.

- Inspiration and creation:

• Exclusive fashion decodings and comprehensive fashion information all available online, to inspire, guide and assist in the design of the Autumn Winter 22-23 denim collections.

• Inspiring fashion webinars from Première Vision’s fashion team for an inspiring understanding of the season’s trends, which this season revolve around a ‘Great North’ theme: one session will present the main Autumn Winter 22-23 trends, and another will look at the coming trends in terms of innovation, cuts and silhouettes.

• Special: denim ‘Live Sourcing’: live on the show’s social media, Manon Mangin, denim product manager for the Première Vision fashion team, will go live to present a selection of products best echoing the season’s fashion trends. She will be answering questions live as well (date and time of the Live Sourcing to come).

- A program of presentations to watch online on the Denim Première Vision website (program still in progress - more details to come):

• Two Smart Talks on the challenges facing the industry in terms of sustainable development, led by Giusy Bettoni, sustainable development consultant for Première Vision.

• Exhibitors will present their latest developments for the season.

• A round table discussion organized with a panel of experts and professionals to examine current challenges and issues facing the denim industry.


The great north at the heart of the autumn winter 22-23 denim fashion

The Autumn Winter 22-23 denim season plunges us into the Great North - a wild, bracing and luminous Nordic universe. A voyage tuned into nature, a sustainable and energizing environment for ever richer creative imaginings. An invigorating season that paints our desires and needs in white. Not white like a blank page, but as a way to rethink our horizons, find our inspiration, give a more 360° vision to our designs and production methods. 

© 2021 Premiere Vision
© 2021 Premiere Vision

The cohesiveness of the denim industry is stronger than ever, with constantly evolving co-creations. Products are refocused on the quality of materials and the choice of fibers, and collections are recentering on sustainable and unique products. There’s growing research into revisited simplicity, primary utility and heightened eco-responsibility. This last is reflected in ever-more circular economies, technological advances in yarns and finishes, and natural dyes. A season that takes shape in a wintry stroll through snowy landscapes, a contemplation of frozen nature, and nocturnal escapades underneath the starry skies. 

© 2021 Premiere Vision
© 2021 Premiere Vision

Five main themes for the season:

- Blue ice floe

- Polar light

- Frozen decoration

- Polar furs

- Starry night


Whereas last November the digital show was hosted on both the Denim Première Vision website (fashion content, news, catalog...) and the Marketplace (offer, product content), starting with this edition, it will be fully incorporated on one single platform: To join the DIGITAL DENIM WEEK, just go to the show page.

In 2021, for greater clarity and efficiency, Première Vision is bringing together its various French and international shows, as well as the Marketplace, on a single website, in an effort to:

 -Simplify understanding of the global offer of its events

- Streamline and improve the visitor experience

- Optimize the value of the exhibitors’ offer Enable more effective communication 

- Develop new features and services to speed both the digitization and humanization of e-commerce.

The new platform will be progressively integrating the various events in 3 stages:

in February, in July and at the end of 2021.



In order to allow the industry to get organized, and because the prospect of meetings and exchanges between buyers and suppliers at physical trade shows is essential for the sector, Denim Première Vision is committed to organizing both physical and digital meetings for its next two editions at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022:

In Milan on October 13 & 14, 2021 at Supertsudio Più, to find the denim developments of spring summer 23.

In Berlin on May 17 & 18, 2022 at the Arena Berlin, to discover the Fall Winter 23-24 collections.

Because the digitalization of the sector is accelerating, and in order to bring an offer and services to the greatest number of players in the global denim industry, each of the events will be complemented by a complementary week-long digital rendezvous on the Première Vision Marketplace: the DIGITAL DENIM WEEK.

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