ISKO launches bluesign® APPROVED fabrics, the latest in performance and activewear sustainability.

ISKO is proud to announce the launch of bluesign® APPROVED fabrics. The only denim mill in Europe with bluesign® APPROVED fabrics, and one of the highest achievement’s in sustainability. This hard won honour is only awarded to those that meet the strict safety and environmental requirements of the bluesign® CRITERIA.

ISKO, the leading apparel ingredient brand with a strong record in sustainability, and bluesign technologies, the architects of a sustainable and responsible textile supply chain, join forces towards the creation of a cleaner, safer and transparent world.

These certified articles are made from bluesign® APPROVED chemicals and raw materials, and are manufactured with a minimum impact on people and the environment. This enables brands to provide safe products to their consumers, verified as bluesign® PRODUCT, which are sustainably produced without hazardous chemicals.

This latest development is part of ISKOTM’s central sustainability strategy, including a plan to certify additional bluesign® APPROVED articles in ISKOTM’s collection.

“When the goal is big, the effort is big. Choosing the right partner means taking safe steps. In this sense, I can gladly say that we will continue on our way with the bluesign® chemical follow- up process.” – Ebru ÖZKÜÇÜK, Head of Sustainability ISKO.

Through this partnership and certification, ISKO and bluesign® continue their vision of a textile and fashion industry with a future that focuses more attention on people and the environment, because only when both are considered can the industry truly make a positive, long-lasting impact.

“It is a great pleasure to acknowledge ISKO as the only denim mill in Europe with bluesign® APPROVED fabrics, showing their highest commitment to responsible production, responsible chemistry and responsible use of resources. As a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER, ISKO is a visionary and a leader in the textile industry. We are proud to support them in their quest towards excellence in sustainable textile manufacturing”Jill Dumain, CEO, bluesign technologies.

© 2021 ISKO
© 2021 ISKO

ISKO has a long-standing commitment to ensure the integrity of its ingredients and the traceability of its fibers and materials. From ISKO’s state-of-the-art facility which is designed with efficiency and sustainability at every level of its operations and with its employees at the center of its mission, ISKO aims to build for the needs of tomorrow with trust and verified impact at scale.

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