Naveena Denim Mills and The LYCRA Company collaborate on WRAPTECH 2.0 Fabric

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Naveena Denim Mills have adopted LYCRA® fiber and LYCRA® T400® fiber for their latest WRAPTECH 2.0 fabric collection to provide a fusion of stretch, comfort and durability.

A new tri-core technology fabric developed by Pakistan-based denim mill Naveena Denim Mills features both LYCRA® fiber and LYCRA® T400® fiber to fuse the comfort of super-stretch denim, the look of rigid denim and the performance benefits of both.

WRAPTECH 2.0 fabrics combine flexibility and comfort with shape retention and durability that stands up to any wash or finish. These fabrics, which were unveiled during February’s Kingpins24 Flash online tradeshow, can adapt to any silhouette – from traditional five-pocket and dressed-up denim to rugged workwear jeans and comfortable styles that have become work-from-home wardrobe staples over the past year.

“We’re describing WRAPTECH 2.0 as a ‘future-fit’ fabric,” said Aydan Tüzün, executive director of global sales and marketing, Naveena Denim Mills. “The fabrics address five key attributes: comfort, innovation, strength, versatility and sustainability.”

How it works

WRAPTECH 2.0 combines the high stretch of LYCRA® fiber with the exceptional recovery and low shrinkage of LYCRA® T400® fiber. LYCRA® T400® fiber is made from two different polymers that, when exposed to heat, shrink to a different degree and produce a smooth, helical crimp for durable stretch and shape retention.

While high-stretch fabrics provide great elasticity, wear over time can lead to lost recovery power. LYCRA® T400® fiber offers the needed muscle to pull the fabric back, providing excellent recovery even in hyper-stretch fabrics.

“LYCRA® T400® fiber in special fabrics like WRAPTECH 2.0 will help garments keep their shape throughout the day,” said Silvia Toledo, senior strategic account manager, The LYCRA Company.

“Long-lasting fit means longer-lasting garments, which is the first step to a more sustainable denim collection.”

As garments made with WRAPTECH 2.0 maintain their shape longer with less sagging/bagging, they can require less home laundry, meaning less water, less energy and less time.

Moreover, the WRAPTECH 2.0 collection can be designed with LYCRA®T400® EcoMade technology for denim brands seeking even more sustainable fabric solutions.

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