ISKO presents its 2022 Collection Vol. 1

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All the technologies and finishes available in this collection are driven by ISKO’s Responsible Innovation, a holistic approach based on the values of creativity, competence and citizenship. Carefully developed by ISKO’s R&D team, they stand for uniqueness, sustainability and authenticity, allowing for astounding results thanks to their advanced properties and benefits.


ISKO Recall

A durable shape memory fabric that does not deteriorate over time or use, ISKO Recall™ retains a flattering fit, hugging the body like a second skin. As the garment retains its shape for longer, less washings are required, which helps to save water in comparison to normal garment cycles. Thanks to this patented recovery technology, shape loss, baggy knees or “jean seat” are never an issue when working with ISKO Recall™.

© 2021 ISKO
© 2021 ISKO

ISKO Xmen’s

Born from the idea of developing an authentic and rigid-looking fabric with one-of-a-kind performance for flexibility and freedom of movement, ISKO Xmen’s™ is designed with an inner stretch technology which enhances wearability, style and fit and provides an elasticity level between 30%-35%.


A fabric technology developed to give a touch of glamour – ISKO Pop™ combines comfort with a luxurious finish – think the sheen and softness of silk with all the nuances of denim. This patented concept starts from the yarn and runs through to the garment. ISKO Pop™ provides the softest cotton hand feel and, in its stretch versions, it feels like a second skin and delivers a high level of comfort. Additionally, its bright, shiny look is pure, elegant and fun.

ISKO Reform

Shaping, defining, and flattering: ISKO Reform™ manages to do all three with outstanding recovery – every time. It offers an instant “one size smaller” look through its extra holding power and thanks to this innovative feature, it outperforms all other stretch fabrics and works to enhance the body’s natural silhouette.

© 2021 ISKO
© 2021 ISKO

ISKO Reform™ HP

ISKO Reform™ HP is different from the classic high-stretch fabrics because of its incredible holding power. This new, authentic construction results in a more streamlined and slimmer appearance, so that the wearer looks one size smaller. It also delivers exceptional comfort, opening a host of fabric weight and color possibilities.

ISKO Reform™ XP

ISKO Reform™ XP is the perfect fabric for creating a body contoured, skinny fit-look thanks to its superb stretch and outstanding recovery.

ISKO Rigidflex

ISKO Rigidflex™ brings together an old-school denim look and maximum comfort. Its soft hand feel is combined with invisible stretch and rebound properties to deliver a unisex denim that bounces back into shape after every wash. Its other premium characteristics are its authentic denim look and dynamic fit, as well as the array of colors and coatings in which it is available.


Super stretchy Jeggings™ fabric is famous for its body-sculpting support and authentic denim look, keeping it in the vanguard of fashion styling. It delivers the ultimate, flattering skinny-look aesthetic with an extra twist of comfort. Hugging and clinging to the curves like leggings to create a second skin feel, this concept has evolved over years to include heritage looks, chic smooth finishes, improved slubs, luxurious fiber blends and an ultra-soft hand feel. Whether you are at home or going out, Jeggings™ is definitely the way to go!

ISKO Bluejym

Notable for its soft hand feel and all-day comfort, this versatile, unisex denim is a lightweight fabric that delivers dynamic stretch and athletic performance. Suited to enhancing a range of silhouettes – from a skinny, bodycon look to straight cuts and looser fits – ISKO BlueJym™ matches the mood of every season.

ISKO Pj Soft

A soft, luxurious fabric that sits draped on the body, ISKO PJ Soft™ is a supple stretch denim that offers comfort not unlike that of pyjamas, hence its name. Light and soft, this fabric molds and moves with the wearer, providing an all-round flattering silhouette and comfortable fit that never feels restrictive. 2022 Collection Vol. 1 includes a lightweight ISKO EFDTM ISKO Pj Soft™.

ISKO Back to black

ISKO Back to Black™ is the ultimate in versatility with its seasonal changes in casts and new shades. It is known for its extreme washed and heavy bleach effects, and its high “Black to White” contrast.



Vulcano is a finish that improves the result of lasering – it creates 3D effects, similar to those naturally created on denim. It can be applied to bleached and stretch fabrics and has a particularly visible effect on dark colors. The process is also fast and energy efficient, making Vulcano both beautiful and more environmentally friendly.


Also known as “Eco For Dye”, ISKO EFD™ delivers a sustainable approach to white fabric production by shortening the process steps. Crucially it skips the pre-bleaching process normally used for RFD fabrics. By doing this, it reduces the use of energy, chemicals and water. This finish treatment also differentiates itself as the process starts with an ecru-colored base that delivers an on-trend natural look and can be dyed to any color. ISKO EFD™ is available in a wide range of fabric constructions and weights.

© 2021 ISKO
© 2021 ISKO

ISKO™ Rainbow

A colored coating with natural hand-feel and good washdown ability, it provides strong contrast after industrial washes and/or with scraping. This finish can achieve huge color variations such as natural and vibrant tones from light to medium level.

ISKO™ Vintouch

The vintage finish gives a real and natural “vintage touch” to the fabric, which is achieved after the laundry process.


Color is another leading story within this brand new ISKO’s chapter. Spanning from 80’s-inspired vintage vibes to more classic shades of indigo, the 2022 Collection Vol 1. is not afraid to embrace fashion-forward tints such as mint and purple. This collection has a color for every idea you can imagine.

Sunshine Blue (NEW THIS SEASON)

Sunshine Blue emulates the washdown effect of secondhand garments that have faded under years of exposure to natural light. This is especially prevalent in areas where a person would naturally wear down the garment (eg whiskering, sitting, kneeling, wiping hands) – a beautiful orange/beige cast becomes visible, giving the look of a sun-faded garment. On dark washes, the effect is a vivid, light indigo shade, giving a fresh feeling to the fabric.

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