Kingpins24 Amsterdam starts tomorrow

Panels and conversations for the four-day event revolve around the themes of Inspiration, Innovation, Fiber and Raw Materials and People and Social Responsibility. Expanding beyond education, for the first time during a Kingpins24 event, attendees will be able to review collections from denim mills.

For the upcoming Kingpins24 Amsterdam event, organizers have four days of short-form content organized around the central themes of Inspiration (Oct. 27), Innovation (Oct. 28), Fiber + Raw Materials (Oct. 29) and People + Social Responsibility (Oct. 30). Each day will feature three hours of livestreamed content, beginning at 10AM CET.

Panels and conversations will tackle the topics ranging from transparency, blockchain and vertical production to hemp, climate commitments, ethics, legislation and gender equity.

Meanwhile Kingpins24 organizers have announced the complete speaker roster and livestream program for the 4-day digital denim event set for October 27-30. The daily livestream portion of Kingpins24 Amsterdam will run from 10AM to 1PM CET. In addition, they have announced that for the first time, denim buyers will be able to access Kingpins Exchange, the new online sourcing platform that digitizes denim collections from mills around the globe.

“When we started with Kingpins24 in April, our focus was on creating community and holding space for our industry to gather and share ideas,” said Vivian Wang, managing director of Kingpins Show and head of global sales. “Now, with the addition of Kingpins Exchange, we are also able to offer our industry a multi-purpose tool to give denim supply chain members, brands and denim buyers a centralized online sourcing hub. The combination of the two – education and sourcing – brings us a bit closer to our pre-COVID Kingpins shows.”

(c) 2020 Kingpins24 Amsterdam
(c) 2020 Kingpins24 Amsterdam

The Kingpins Exchange platform, which launches on October 27, will be available year-round. Buyers will be able to sign up on the Kingpins Show website.

For a complete event program, including a roster of speakers, visit the website.



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