The new path led by PG DENIM

Items of the new PG DENIM collection for SS 2020 (c) 2018 PG DENIM
Paolo Gnutti is back with its new amazing project dedicated to the most authentic denim. A whole new approach, and an astounding collection showcased for Denim Première Vision London. On the stage of the first Denim Première Vision in London the whole new PG DENIM project will fully unveil its many novelties. Led by the visionary mind of Paolo Gnutti, a true R&D denim head and a real explorer of the many faces of indigo fabric, the company will showcase its brand new collection during the prestigious event, landing for the first time in the capital of the UK.

A project born out of the idea of creating new paths for denim, going beyond traditional borders while staying consistent with the authentic Italian tradition.

The project PG DENIM:

Born from the unique expertise of Paolo Gnutti, PG DENIM is the result of a lifetime dedicated to denim innovation and creativity. After its life-long experience as R&D Head of ITV Denim, Paolo Gnutti has moved the creative area of the family company to a whole new level, creating the project: a 100% Made In Italy company in an integrated supply chain.

A visionary, out-of-the-box format; PG DENIM offers a range of products ranging from denim to fashion and going beyond traditional borders. Garments made to match different market niches with a strong focus on medium-high and high-end productions with a truly bespoke and tailor-made approach that makes them unique.

“The idea at the center of PG DENIM is to respond to yet unexplored market needs.” - says Paolo Gnutti, R&D Head of PG DENIM – “We’ve decided to focus on an approach that proposes fewer items, yet really versatile and strongly focused on specific themes”.

A range that is dedicated to men and women, covering some raw proposals but also super-vintage ones. An agile and versatile structure, bringing out all the great expertise in denim and textile creation, to set the rules for a new production model.

The new collection for SS 2020

The main focus of the new collection are laminated effects on denim. Bright and eye-catching, the laminated effects dominate the fresh proposals for the new season, used both with drawing and with total coverage. Moreover, the “Floc” fabric has come back also for this spring-summer collection, because seasons are more and more blending new trends and materials.

A new collection intended not for large retailers, but focused on special applications, such as laminations and “Floc”, with 100% digital production.

The fabrics are produced completely “ad-hoc”, and created along a supply chain that starts from PG DENIM, which conceives and designs the fabrics, to be then developed by Berto or Eurotessile, the two companies part of this total Made In Italy project.

PG DENIM by Eurotessile/Berto presents a collection with many interesting features:

  • light cottons and linens overbuild to be compact, fresh and with an authentic look
  • double or triple twists to simulate old-school work fabrics
  • authentic drill/denim with flame effects and full-bodied, a true voyage in Japan
  • super soft fabrics with authentic looks and soft as feathers
  • digital prints
  • abrased pigment prints for an original Seventies look
  • metallized and rubberized effects
  • three-dimensional prints
  • glitter drawings
  • gold and silver weft (with real silver)

The collection family names are representative of the unique style of PG DENIM: Desert, Steelworks, The Ecru, Sinuoso, Piuma, Digital Print, Very Stretch, Metal, Studio 54 (with vinyl and rubberized effects), 3D, Shine, 24 Kt. These are the main proposals for the new SS 2020 collection, both for the indigo and for the ready to dye fabrics.

The 100% Made In Italy supply chain

PG DENIM is more than a one-man-band project. Arising from Paolo Gnutti’s visionary mind, the company has in Berto and Eurotessile the two other main partners of the project, that helps the creative vision of its founder come to life to an integrated supply chain. This collaborations carries a great sustainable engagement as well, being the staring point of the modern way of producing, for a total Made In Italy, while the raw materials selection does not go beyond the European borders.

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