With Jan Karnath, Reifenhäuser is bringing the fourth generation and new skills into the family business

(c) 2024 - Reifenhäuser - From left to right: Ulrich Reifenhäuser (CSO), Bernd Reifenhäuser (CEO) and Jan Karnath (CDO) at Reifenhäuser Group.
Jan Karnath (39), a nephew of Bernd Reifenhäuser (CEO) and Ulrich Reifenhäuser (CSO), is the first representative of the fourth generation to join the operational business of the Reifenhäuser Group.

His start paves the way for the continuous development of the family business and reinforces the transformation from machine manufacturer to solution provider: As the company's first Chief Digital Officer, Karnath will henceforth be responsible for and steer the Group's digital transformation.

"We are delighted that our family business is now being supported by the fourth generation," says Bernd Reifenhäuser. "Jan's appointment strengthens our foundation, which is based on values such as continuity, stability and trust. At the same time, Jan and his role in the company stand for the continuous further development of the group of companies. We will continue to expand our digitalization offerings with a strong market and customer focus in line with our pioneering spirit. Jan brings with him all the skills from his previous career to manage this development responsibly."

digital product passport for sustainable packaging. In addition, Karnath is responsible for the Group's overall digital strategy: he will continue to develop the portfolio of digital products and ensure that all relevant digital initiatives are integrated into strategic planning.

Jan Karnath says: "As a shareholder, I have been observing Reifenhäuser's development for many years. I am all the more pleased that I can now actively shape the future of the family business with my expertise. Our goal is to further expand our digital portfolio and give our customers a head start in terms of efficiency, transparency and quality."

Jan Karnath has over 15 years of experience in the digital business. He studied Management in Vienna and Digital Transformation & Innovation at Stanford University. He then began his career at SAP and has since successfully led several digital companies as a board member and founder. Investors in these companies have included EQT and Porsche AG.

(c) 2024 Reifenhäuser - Jan Karnath (39) is the new Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the Reifenhäuser Group
(c) 2024 Reifenhäuser - Jan Karnath (39) is the new Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the Reifenhäuser Group

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