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Teijin Aramid publishes Sustainability Report 2021 ‘Scaling up for impact’

In ‘Scaling up for impact’ Teijin Aramid reports on its sustainability efforts in 2021. By quantifying the journey, the report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s acceleration to get to ‘net zero’ well before 2050.

Teijin Aramid realized a yarn-to-yarn recycling method for Twaron®, its high performance aramid fiber, and has a patent pending for this recycling technology. The ability to re-spin yarn using recycled material is a game-changer towards the creation of circular products. Teijin Aramid takes responsibility for material flows by recycling aramids and giving end-of-life products a new life.

Sustainability Report Highlights

‘Scaling up for Impact’ contains multiple highlights:

• Teijin Aramid managed to retrieve 50% more pre- and post-consumer waste for recycling purposes

• Reducing 1,4% energy consumption in 2021 and continued purchasing European Wind Guarantees of Origin to cover the total electricity consumption in the Netherlands with renewables. Committed and on track on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

• For the 6th consecutive year ‘EcoVadis Gold Status’ has been awarded

• 7 successful partnerships to speed the circular economy transition; FibreMax and Hampidjan, Purfi/Concordia, General Recycled (Canada), Fiber Brokers, InReP and BioBTX

Peter ter Horst, CEO Teijin Aramid: “For the transformation from a linear to a circular economy partnerships are needed in the entire value chain. We are actively seeking likeminded partners to speed up the collection of used aramids, so that they can be re-used as sustainable feedstock. We invite new partners to join us.”

The 2021 sustainability report ‘Scaling up for impact’ provides detailed information on how Teijin Aramid is on track to its commitment on  ‘zero greenhouse gas emission and full circularity’.


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