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EcoVadis Gold status renewed: Teijin Aramid remains in top 2% of sustainable manufacturers of man-made fibers

Independent certifier EcoVadis has renewed Teijin Aramids Gold status in recognition of the company’s continuous high standards in environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This is the fifth year in a row that Teijin Aramid has been awarded EcoVadis Gold status, confirming its place in the top 2% of sustainable manufacturers of man-made fibers.

Objective assessment? EcoVadis offers independent and objective assessment of key sustainability indicators for more than 75.000 organizations worldwide. Importantly, their assessments are based not just on expressing our ambitions, but also on the verification of the implementation of CSR strategies of enterprises in  working processes with regard to environmental, social, and ethical performances. Teijin Aramid scored industry-leading marks in all areas.

Peter ter Horst, CEO of Teijin Aramid: “We are very proud to prolong our EcoVadis Gold status. It shows objectively that we operate fairly and sustainable in all aspects of our business. We see it as an encouragement to strengthen our strategy and lead the aramid industry toward a sustainable value chain.”

Maintaining transparency and trust with partners?Teijin Aramid believes in being transparent about its CSR efforts. Requesting an annual rating by EcoVadis is one of the ways in which the company maintains transparency and trust with partners.

Always raising the bar on sustainability ?EcoVadis raises the bar for all levels each year. Because as ambitions and demands grow, so does the responsibility. Meeting this increasing standard for the fifth year in a row shows that Teijin Aramid is committed to taking long-term responsibility on issues like employee health and safety, ethics and the environment.

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