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Teijin Frontier develops next-generation heat insulating structure

Uniform hair tip (excellent water absorption and anti-pilling) and crimping (lightweight, bulky and warm) (c) 2020 Teijin
Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group's fibers and products converting company, announced today its new heat insulating structure which combines sweat absorption and quick drying for innerwear and heat insulation for brushed-finish intermediate wear, or middler, worn between the inner and outer layers to retain heat. Teijin Frontier is positioning this new structure as a key material for outdoor wear in fall and winter 2021 collections. Eventually, applications of the new structure will include outdoor, sports, casual and uniform applications, targeting annual sales of one million meters in fiscal 2025.

The new structure offers a new type of bulky plush structure that does not brush. It is a double raschel knitted fabric cut in half with high precision. Its middle nodes are made with Octa, Teijin Frontier’s highly modified hollow-core fiber with eight projecting fins aligned in a radial pattern. It also uses a distinct dyeing technology to maximize Octa’s crimping function and stabilize its high-quality plush structure.

Unprecedented comfort is enhanced with heat insulation (lightweight bulkiness and warmth) and yarn tips on the skin side that evenly absorb sweat and dry quickly.

(c) 2020 Teijin
(c) 2020 Teijin

Key features of the new structure

(c) 2020 Teijin
(c) 2020 Teijin

Outdoor wear warmth is determined by outer, middler and inner garments which are added or excluded by the wearer in accordance with expectations regarding level of activity and usage environment. However, the expanding everyday use of outdoor wear has raised the demand for single layers offering two-layer functionality, in particular, a compact layer with both middler and inner functions. Whereas brushing yarn is mainly used to achieve heat insulation in middler, the inner layer typically requires sweat-absorption and quick-drying functions.

Until now, however, it has not been possible to combine middler and inner functions because uneven surface caused by brushing yarn decreases sweat-absorption and quick-drying function.

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