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PREMIÈRE VISION PARIS strengthens its sustainable commitments, launching a new smart tech zone

New developments to alternative materials, cutting-edge technical and technological innovations, custom advice and services - the solutions to help the creative fashion industry make a sustainable transition take center stage at the next edition of Première Vision Paris, February 7 to 9, 2023, at the Paris Nord Villepinte Parc d’Expositions.

As the leading global meeting, business and communications platform for fashion professionals, Première


Vision Paris enjoys the unique advantage of being in contact with the entire supply chain. A fundamental link between suppliers and buyers, and fully engaged in its forward-driving role for the fashion industry, the show is consolidating its engagements and strengthening its offer and services to:

• Support the industry in its transition to new business models that are more sustainable, ethical and transparent,

• Assist the sector in its digital transition, for more efficient creative and production methods that respect both the environment and people.

Beyond its selective offer from 1,244 international exhibitors — yarns and fibers, fabrics, leather, accessories and components, decorative designs, fashion-manufacturing solutions —, this new edition of Première Vision Paris offers a reinforced set of committed initiatives to help inform industry professionals, and provide concrete solutions in terms of sustainable sourcing and production, including:

• The Smart Creation area, now featuring a new Smart Tech Zone; the Eco-Innovation Forum; a new Upcycling itinerary where exhibitors may sell their deadstock; a series of talks, a fashion seminar focused on sustainable creation, specialized sourcing itineraries, and a range of content (articles, podcasts, white papers...) available online.

› Find here the article about the SMART CREATION area on the Première Vision’s website


Within the Smart Creation area dedicated to sustainable innovations, the new Smart Tech zone proposes a range of some of the industry’s most advanced digital and tech solutions, to help the creative fashion industry make an ecological transition:

• 20 companies, among the most advanced in their field, will present their tech innovations

(artificial intelligence, algorithms, traceability, blockchain ...), both logistical (inventory management, flow ...) and analytical (optimization of costs, overproduction ...), to support the sector in its digital and ecological transformation with optimized design and production processes, serving a more responsible and traceable industry: Trend data and online listening, market analysis, labeling ...

• EXPERIENCE DIGITAL FASHION x IFTH: a special area organized in partnership with the IFTH (French Institute of Textiles and Clothing) will reconstruct the digitalization chain of a fashion item, from digitizing the material on through to finished product, including its virtual prototyping and digital simulation of an avatar of the product during its various construction stages.

• Guided tours of the Smart Tech zone will be offered to learn about its exhibitors. Tours in English, French, Italian and German (details and practical information on the Première Vision website).


In practical terms, the undertakings and solutions proposed by Première Vision Paris in February are structured around:

THE SMART CREATION SPACE (Hall 4) dedicated to sustainable innovations, with 55 of the industry’s most innovative companies, from 20 countries and divided into 3 zones:

• Smart Materials Zone (32 companies): materials (fibers from the food industry or regenerative agriculture, fabrics and leathers which are recycled, biodegradable or from the circular economy, new organic materials, materials made from mushrooms, biopolymers, non-violent silk, etc.) and finishings (natural dyes, vegetable tanning, hygienic and non-polluting treatment of textiles...)

• Smart Services Zone (3 exhibitors): advice and service offers (certifications and labels, cleaner production methods, etc.).

• NEW! Smart Tech Zone (20 companies): tech innovations and digital solutions for more sustainable production (see box for details).

View the Smart Creation exhibitors catalog, with:

› The exhibitors of the SMART MATERIALS section

› The exhibitors of the SMART SERVICES section

› The exhibitors of the SMART TECH section

3 VISIT ITINERARIES DEDICATED TO SUSTAINABLE SOURCING, located on the show app and online on the Première Vision Marketplace:

• NEW! A DEADSTOCK trail: Première Vision showcases a novel way to source, with a new, sustainable itinerary that gives a second life to dormant stock from over 120 participating exhibitors.

› Find the list of participating exhibitors here.

• A Smart Creation trail highlighting exhibitors from the 3 universes of this space dedicated to sustainable, technological and digital innovations.

› View all Smart Creation exhibitors

• A sustainable trail: For buyers looking for eco-designed or low-impact materials, leathers, yarns and accessories to develop their coming collections, PV Paris offers sustainable sourcing solutions from over 370 committed suppliers. A rich and specialized offer from over 190 weavers and over 150 accessory makers.

› View all exhibitors with a sustainable offer

THE ECO-INNOVATION FORUM (Hall 4) to discover the most inspiring and innovative sustainable products selected from exhibitors’ collections by the Première Vision fashion team:

• To guide visitors (buyers, creatives and order-writers of fashion and accessories brands) in their sustainable sourcing

• To promote the sustainable products, developments and approaches of companies exhibiting at the show

- spinners and fiber producers, weavers, tanners, accessory and component makers, textile designers, fashion manufacturers.

THE ECO INFORMATION DESK (Hall 4): to answer questions about the show’s sustainable offer and guide and assist buyers in their sourcing.

THE TREND TASTING ECO-INNOVATION FASHION SEMINAR (Talks Area – Hall 4). Created by the Première Vision fashion team to better target industry expectations, and designed to provide a concrete look at Spring Summer 24’s eco-friendly developments for impactful and committed sourcing: key trends and sustainable innovations in fabrics, leathers and accessories.

• Tuesday, February 7 at 12 noon

• Wednesday, February 8 at 10:30 am

• Thursday, February 8 at 11:45 a.m.

PERFORMANCE CODES to help visitors find their way around the eco-friendly offer at the Première Vision shows and on the Marketplace. Created by Première Vision, these performance codes, indicated on the products in the Eco-Innovation forum and the Marketplace, are a simple, informative way to better source eco-designed materials:

• Organic material: product composed of more than 50% natural organic material,

• Biobased polymers: synthetic material obtained from a minimum of 30% of renewable biobased resources,

• Recycled material: material composed of more than 30% recycled material, natural or synthetic,

• Reduced chemical impact finishing: treatments, dyes, prints and finishings that reduce the use of chemicals.


• Filters and selection criteria specifically designed to help buyers in their online sustainable sourcing.

• The 3 visit itineraries dedicated to sustainable sourcing.

TALKS: conversations with experts about the challenges of sustainable fashion, held at the show (Talks Area

- Hall 4) and online (on the show website).

• Complete program can be found below.

• DON’T MISS: In partnership with The Interline, the online magazine dedicated to technology and the challenges of digitalization for fashion professionals, Première Vision Paris is organizing a half-day of 4 Talks on tech innovations and solutions in the Smart Tech Zone, Wednesday, February 8, from 2 to 6 pm.

› Speakers proposed and presented by Ben Hanson, fashion tech specialist and founder of The Interline.

A RANGE OF INFORMATION AND INFORMATIVE CONTENT can be found in the sustainability section of the Première Vision website:

• Smart Keys articles explaining and exploring issues and challenges surrounding sustainability

• The podcast Smart Creation: a monthly show to highlight the industry’s most committed players and most relevant initiatives.


Première Vision upholds the belief that creativity and sustainability are closely interlinked and should support and feed into each other. Therefore, the group has implemented actions to encourage exhibitors and visitors to share their best practices, consider the impacts of their activities on the environment and people, and collaborate to improve their operations.

Through its Smart Creation program, launched in 2015, Première Vision provides fashion professionals ideas and solutions to meet their new needs, and assist them in their transition to more sustainable models.

The entire fashion industry is affected by this irreversible trend:

• Consumers - especially younger generations - are increasingly insisting on and calling for more transparency.

• Brands are now voluntarily integrating sustainability and ethical approaches into their strategy, with increasingly strong commitments (transparency and traceability of sourcing, production processes, etc.)

• The industry itself is mobilizing and investing to create and produce in a more sustainable and rational manner.

For Première Vision, sustainable development is a groundswell that is accelerating, and thus must:

• Redefine the way collections are designed and produced

• Develop new business models

• And thus stimulate fashion’s growth.

Drawing on its expertise, its Smart Creation platform, and the specially adapted tools and content developed at its trade shows and on its website, Première Vision seeks to:

• Help engage the entire industry in designing and producing collections that integrate the values of a fashion industry that is creative, innovative and sustainable, today and tomorrow

• Promote and broaden the use of best practices and sustainable approaches (environmental and ethical) of companies in the sector: sourcing (raw materials - yarns, fibers, fabrics, leathers, accessories), transformation processes (transparency, traceability), production (industrialization), life of the finished product (life span, care, recycling and environmental impact, etc.)

• Provide concrete solutions in terms of eco-responsible sourcing: everything starts at the design stage and the raw material

• Decode the major challenges facing the sector and provide information regarding the issues at stake for a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry

• Promote and develop the sharing of ideas between professionals on these issues

This is a strong, priority commitment for Première Vision, one constantly being strengthened and will continue to accelerate in the months to come.



10 am – [INNOVATION PITCH] Piñayarn, a new textile solution positively impacting the planet and people

Making its exhibition debut at Premiere Vision Paris, Piñayarn is the first yarn from textile pioneers Ananas Anam and offers a fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable textile solution. Made from the same waste pineapple leaves as the company’s first product Piñatex, Piñayarn is a low-impact and 100% plantbased yarn which offers positive social and environmental impact.

› Pitch presented by Melissa Braithwaite, Product Development Manager, Piñayarn

10:30 am – Sustainable Textiles : Certification & Traceability in the textile value chain

How brands and textile companies could manage their KPI on implementation of eco-responsible practices within their value chain by using sustainable certifications and their traceability tools.

› Talk led by Vincent Duret, Textile Business Unit Manager, Ecocert

12 pm – Eco-Innovation Trend Tasting

A new seminar! Designed by the Première Vision fashion team to better target fashion-industry needs, it provides a concrete look at the season’s sustainable developments, with key trends and sustainable innovations in fabrics, leathers and accessories. A can’t-miss event for effective, sustainable sourcing!

› Seminar presented by Sara Van Pée, Première Vision Fashion Team



10 am – [INNOVATION PITCH] The development of a fully regenerative Backpack

Swiss based Bag Brand QWSTION has developed its own textile called Bananatex®. It is the first technical fabric made from 100% banana fibres, fully plastic free and therefore a circular alternative to many synthetic materials currently used. In addition, Bananatex® has been made available to other brands and industries in order to cause maximum positive change.

› Talk led by Hannes Schoenegger, Co-founder & CEO, Bananatex®

10:15 am – [INNOVATION PITCH] Brewed Protein™ Fibers: advancing the circular economy Introducing Brewed Protein™ fibers, a new class of plant-based, animal-free and biodegradable protein materials manufactured through Spiber’s proprietary fermentation (brewing) process. We look forward to sharing our vision to help accelerate the transition of the textile industry from a linear “take-make-usedispose” model to regenerative and circular systems.

› Talk presented by Callie Clayton, Global Client Relations Manager, Spiber

10:30 am – Eco-Innovation Trend Tasting

A new seminar! Designed by the Première Vision fashion team to better target fashion-industry needs, it provides a concrete look at the season’s sustainable developments, with key trends and sustainable innovations in fabrics, leathers and accessories. A can’t-miss event for effective, sustainable sourcing!

› Seminar presented by Sara Van Pée, Première Vision Fashion Team

2 pm – SMART TECH : Digitalising Design

Every transformation in fashion starts with inspiration, creativity, and the wide-open horizon of design.

Discover how smart technology is changing the way we plan, visualise ideas, and bring new possibilities to life digitally and physically.

› Conference led par Ben Hanson, editor-in-chief- The Interline. With Danny Reinfeld, Managing Director of Europe - Style3D / Graham Sulivan, CEO - SEDDI / Barbara Maiocchi, CEO & Co-Founder - Livetrend / Joana Medina, Fashion Strategic Account Manager - Stratasys / Robby

Dubus, Project Manager- Textil’IA

3 pm – SMART TECH: Capturing Supply Chains

Connectivity is at the heart of supply chain transformation. From fabric digitisation and innovation, to communication, collaboration, and control, find out how smart technology is bridging the gaps between brands and their partners.

› Conference led by Ben Hanson, editor-in-chief - The Interline. With Apolline Fuchs, International Partner Manager - TEKYN / Jason Eric Brown, Sales Development Manager – Swatchbook / Renate Eder, CCO - Vizoo / Clarisse Reille, General Manager - IFTH / Vincent Gurdal, CEO - VVC / Koen Warmerdam, Co-Founder and Brand Director, Aware - The Movement

4 pm – SMART TECH: Revolutionising Product Journeys

The route a product takes from concept to consumer is being more heavily scrutinised than ever. Proof of provenance, anti-counterfeiting, data-backed environmental and ethical sustainability - explore the ways smart technology can provide answers to the biggest questions being asked of fashion at the product level.

› Conference led by Ben Hanson, editor-in-chief - The Interline. With Augustin Firino Martell, Manager of Fashion & Apparel Activities - Crystalchain / Jean-Baptiste Ceaux, Director of Operations for Europe - Sourcemap / Sven Matzen, Account Management - Pivot 88 / Roman Houlbreque, Head Of Customer Excellence - Retraced / Pantxika Ospital, Business Consultant - Belharra

5 pm – SMART TECH: Transforming Transparency & Sustainability

The full picture of sustainability is complex, covering everything from resource usage and biodiversity impact measurement, to sourcing strategies that start to account for the human cost of fashion. Uncover how technology platforms, new data sources, and new consumer-facing tools are helping to truly move the needle on sustainability.

› Conference led by Ben Hanson, editor-in-chief - The Interline. With Laure Betsch, Co-founder - Fairly Made / Chandra Prakash Jha - FFBS / Marguerite Dorangeon, Co-founder - Clear Fashion / Luis Oliveira, CEO – Wonder - Raw / Max Gilgenmann, Co-founder - Studio MM04


10 am – [INNOVATION PITCH] AirMycelium®, Perfecting mycelium materials

Ecovative’s AirMycelium® technology produces tunable, next-generation mycelium materials for use in fashion and other industries. These materials are plastic free and circular, but to make a lasting impact requires scale, which Ecovative is achieving through control of the supply chain, a team of scientists dedicated to maximizing quality and yield, and close research and development partnerships with leading brands.

› Talk led by Gavin McIntyre, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Ecovative

10:15 am – [INNOVATION PITCH] Induo turns our old clothes into new clothes!

Today, less than 1% of used textiles are recycled as clothing. At the end of its life, the majority of textile waste is incinerated or ends up in landfill. We must act now. Come and discover the new, patented Induo technology capable of producing new fibres from 100% recycled textiles.

› Talk presented by Pauline Guesné, Co-founder, Induo

11:45 am – Eco-Innovation Trend Tasting

A new seminar! Designed by the Première Vision fashion team to better target fashion-industry needs, it provides a concrete look at the season’s sustainable developments, with key trends and sustainable innovations in fabrics, leathers and accessories. A can’t-miss event for effective, sustainable sourcing!

› Talk led by Sara Van Pée, Première Vision Fashion Team



Première Vision’s approach to sustainability and innovation goes beyond its commitment to the Smart Creation platform and promoting its exhibitors’ sustainable offer. At the heart of Première Vision’s values, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is today based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria to analyze and implement effective actions in terms of sustainable development.

Led by 3 main drivers - reduce, recycle & reuse -, Première Vision has implemented a series of initiatives and practices to anchor the company and its collaborators in a more globally eco-friendly approach to its events, to ensure that they are as eco-designed as possible:

• An offer of stands that are 100% equipped and which can be reused from one session to the next, whose design takes into account sustainable choices in terms of materials, manufacturing, transport, storage and end of life.

• Choice of LED lighting to optimize energy consumption.

• Eco-designed forums: choice and optimization of the use of materials; guidance regarding good construction practices for better quality reuse of the structures...

• More sustainable signage: abandoning the use of canvas in favor of an ecological support made from recycled plastic bottles; using new generation adhesives with solvent-free glues; improving the ink used on all materials.

• Carpet recycling: collected, folded, and formatted, carpets are shredded and transformed into granules for the plastics industry.

• Recycling of siding: the shredded cotton is used in to make insulating panels.

• The sorting of wood, plastics, paper, cardboard... entailing the processing of roughly 60 tons of waste.

• Recycling: Première Vision has partnered with the Co-Recyclage company for the reprocessing of furniture and materials used at its shows: structures of the fashion forums, decorations, carpets... In February 2022, more than 11 tons of wood from the forums were recycled and 8 tons from the various decorations were given a second life.

• Redistribution of unsold food: in partnership with VIParis, manager of the exhibition venues, Première Vision organizes the daily recovery of unsold food from the show’s catering areas. It is then redistributed in a short circuit to food banks such as that of the Red Cross.


Première Vision is a member of the Steering Committee of the Paris Good Fashion association, whose main objective is to make Paris THE capital of responsible fashion. Paris Good Fashion brings together industry professionals to take concrete action in favor of more eco-designed fashion.

As the only materials-show member, Première Vision has been identified and appointed thanks to the legitimacy of the Smart Creation platform.

Among the major players in this project:






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