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ISPO Awards 2022: Showcase for the smartest athletic products of the year

Heptathlon Black Technology Down Jacket by Sundance © 2022 ISPO / Sundance
Shortly before the opening of ISPO Munich, which will be held at the end of November for the first time, the lineup for the world’s leading sports trade fair is now set: 57 remarkable products and services were recognized with an ISPO Award during the jury’s final meeting this year.

Visitors and journalists will be able to experience this group and many other winners of the ISPO Award 2022 live in the Future Lab of ISPO Munich (accreditation via this link).


“New Perspectives on Sports” is the motto of ISPO Munich 2022 that will be held from November 28 – 30. The sports brands that submitted their innovations to the ISPO Award in the fourth quarter took this motto to heart: “We have rarely seen so many exceptional new products during the ISPO Award competition. All sorts of new perspectives are opening up,” said Christoph Beaufils, who acts at the co-head of the ISPO Award along with Christina Rabl, who added: “We are talking about well-conceived ideas that take innovations to a new level. We are in the midst of an evolutionary leap both in terms of the mindset of manufacturers and the materials and technologies they use.” 

Optray sunglasses with self-tinting lenses by react Switzerland © 2022 ISPO / react Switzerland
Optray sunglasses with self-tinting lenses by react Switzerland © 2022 ISPO / react Switzerland

New level of sustainability and smart technologies

The jury consisting of trade journalists and the consumer experts of the ISPO Collaborators Club identified the following trends that were related to the winning products:

• Fewer compromises through individualization and tremendous flexibility

• New level of sustainability through the use of long-lasting, recyclable materials

• Intelligent use of technology for more security and comfort, including artificial intelligence

• High quality and simplicity for demanding uses

And a large number of easy-entry products that enable beginners to learn a particular sport more quickly. Frequently, the jurors had to do a double-take as they examined the entries. But that was not surprising because the really smart innovations are not exactly eye-catchers.

New concept of the ISPO Award integrates consumer expertise

“The fact that we had a significantly higher number of entries in the fourth quarter shows us that the new concept of the ISPO Award with quarterly meetings of the jury was the right approach to take,” Christoph Beaufils said. Christina Rabl added: “Participating brands were really pleased about our decision to add the voice of sport enthusiasts to the jury by drawing on our selected Collaborators Club members.”

ISPO Award products – sustainable, clever and individual

A few examples of the winning products:

  • Heptathlon black technology down jacket from Sundance: The stylish down jacket that includes an integrated massage unit is a good example of the health clothing trend.
  • Winter ski boot liners from UltimatefitLiners: This is the first boot liner that was developed around the foot and can provide significantly better bio-mechanical support to skiers’ feet.
  • Optray sunglasses with photochromic lenses from react Switzerland: You could say that photochromic sunglasses are a dime a dozen. But the sports glasses made by react are really something special: The shade tronic technology used in these sports glasses that weigh just 36 grams enables the lenses to change their tint within 0.1 second– perfect for outdoor sports involving rapidly changing light conditions.
  • Biodegradable winter socks from Lorpen: These are the first breathable socks designed for mountaineering performed in extremely cold weather. The recycled material used in the socks is completely biodegradable.
  • Techrock monoski jacket & pants from adidas Terrex: This is a monoski jacket that is specially made for monoskiers who are paralyzed from the waist down. It is perfectly designed to meet the special needs of these athletes.
  • New type of snowboard from doubledeck: The company has reinvented the snowboard with the help of this innovation – and made it easier for beginners to get into snowboarding. The special design prevents snowboarders from experiencing such typical problems as catching an edge or taking a tumble when they venture out on their first snowboarding trips. At the same time, beginners are better able to complete curves and carve up the snow.

Award winners live at ISPO Munich 2022

Biodegradable winter socks © 2022 IPSO / Lorpen
Biodegradable winter socks © 2022 IPSO / Lorpen

A total of 95 winners of the ISPO Awards can be experienced live in the exhibition area of the Future Lab at ISPO Munich 2022 (November 28 – 30, Hall B2). They were selected during four jury meetings held during the year and were chosen from more than 300 entries.

Snowboard arch construction © 2022 ISPO / Doubledeck Snowboards
Snowboard arch construction © 2022 ISPO / Doubledeck Snowboards

Journalists are invited to experience the innovative power of the selected products and attend the celebratory presentation of the trophies (at 2 p.m. on the second day of the trade fair) in the award area of the Future Lab. They will also have an opportunity here to speak with representatives of the champion brands.

Winter Ski Boot Liner by UltimatefitLiners © 2022 ISPO / UltimatefitLiners
Winter Ski Boot Liner by UltimatefitLiners © 2022 ISPO / UltimatefitLiners


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