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Riri Group enriches its all-round offer with the acquisition of the powder metallurgy expert K4Sint

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In recent years, Riri Group has embarked on a process of vertical expansion aimed at broadening its product range and in-house processing, in order to provide the market with a superior quality product thanks to the variety of its services and technologies. With the acquisition of K4Sint (Knowledge for Sintering) this process has taken another step forward and the Group consolidates its position as ‘one-stop shop supplier’ under the sign of integration, design capacity, customised offer, and innovative technologies.

The Swiss Group improves its global approach to design, develop and manufacture high fashion accessories by integrating the Italian company specialised in sintering processes.

K4Sint, founded in Pergine Valsugana in 2007 by Luca Girardini and Mario Zadra, two Ph.D. materials engineers, ensures a strong and reliable knowledge in powder metallurgy, also adding some innovative patented industrial technological developments. The Trentino-based start-up brings to the Swiss Group its experience in Press and Sintering, Metal Injection Molding, Spark Plasma Sintering (Titanium, Aluminum, MMC, Advanced Ceramic). Riri, therefore, integrates within its Group a company capable of developing and producing components, accessories and semi-finished products for internal use but also for customers and companies not only limited to the fashion business: K4Sint will become the go-to facility and production site for steel MIM processes of the entire group. The new unit will also be able to perform metallographic tests, innovative materials development projects and in-depth technological consultancy work for Riri’s customers.

Investing in such an addition to the Group means investing in the future and constant development: the location of the production site will be within an area of technological excellence, suitable for developing possible with local scientific institutes.

“Knowledge, passion and quality are the lifeblood that has sustained our Group for 85 years” states Renato Usoni, CEO of Riri Group “through K4Sint we are not only integrating production processes, but above all different energies and skills that can contribute to enriching our offer. K4Sint technologies will allow us to satisfy very specific requests and to develop tailored solutions for the collections of the future, bringing a lot to the table in terms of contamination: their experience in other sectors can be an added value for Riri Group's production. Knowing the possibilities of powder metallurgy, being able to manage its processes and discover its applications will bring us a real advantage in terms of planning and design”.

“K4Sint’s proposal, in line with Riri’s key points, is based on the use of processes with low environmental impact, which are able to provide high levels of technology and automation” explains Luca Girardini, K4Sint Operation Manager – adding “This integration represents for us a huge development and research opportunity which will allow us to best express the expertise and know-how acquired over the years, having the possibility to make our skills available to a big Group with the potential to champion them creating great opportunity for business”.

© 2022 Riri Group
© 2022 Riri Group

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