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C&S acquires Texo S.R.L. and strengthens the company’s position in the luxury segment.

With what appears to be a new step ahead for the evolution of the whole fashion field, C&S, a leader in manufacturing Made in Italy fashion apparel, has acquired Texo S.R.L., a company based in Cagli (Pesaro and Urbino) which brings to the table 10 years of experience in the production of fashion apparel for Texo and for third parties.

Thanks to over 40 years of excellence in the denim/streetwear world, with this deal C&S broadens and further consolidates its presence also in the formalwear market, attesting to the approach carried out by the company for some months now.

Federico Corneli, C&S’s main shareholder © 2022 C&S
Federico Corneli, C&S’s main shareholder © 2022 C&S

C&S enriches the offer of its Style Services Luxe division, the ideal research and production solution for any kind of style needs, together with Style Services Denim and along with C&S Experience projects, initiatives in direct contact with retail such as the haikure brand and the license agreements for Europe for Jeckerson and Purple.

C&S’s history begins over 40 years ago in Trestina, in the Perugia province, and is rooted in denim culture and in the limitless potential that comes with this iconic fabric. The company has begun a path of evolution leading it to embrace more and more the luxury segment, establishing itself as a special partner for the creation of jackets, shirts, outerwear, and denim – that still remains the strong point of the company. Its know-how perfectly expresses the combination of the production souls that characterize its territory of origin, between Umbria and Marche: all the typical tradition of premium denim mixed with the culture of luxury apparel, intimately dedicated to beauty, quality, and attention to detail.

In this manner, C&S stands out once again as a vital reference point for the sector, thanks also to its unique approach oriented to sustainability, transparency and the protection of a wholly Made in Italy supply chain.

“We are proud to have achieved this new milestone” states Federico Corneli, C&S’s main shareholder. “We firmly believe that the added value that Texo S.R.L.’s specialization brings to the table will allow us to grow further and to be able to accelerate the strategic path that will lead us to establish ourselves as special partner for the most important luxury brands”.

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