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Industry experts from all over the world meet every two years at Techtextil, the trade fair about the new developments in technical textiles, functional apparel fabrics and nonwovens offered by companies from all over the world. Techtextil offers exhibitors and visitors an insight into the latest developments in the industry, as well as additional technical inspiration.

Sitip at Techtextil: the latest fabrics developments reached by the company in its industrial core-business go from footwear and helmets to the medical sector, pairing sustainability to great technical performance and technology

Techtextil - 21st-24th June - Frankfurt am Main

Techtextil is one of the most important trade fairs for Sitip, Italian company with over 60 years of experience, specialized in the production of synthetic warp-knitted fabrics for the technical industrial world, and stretch and circular fabrics for the world of clothing.

As sustainability in one of the major topic at Techtextil, Sitip will present its excellence among the production of fabrics as result of a path towards sustainability reached by the company over the years.

Participating in a special Forum about innovative fabrics organized by the Agency ICE, promoting abroad the Italian companies and their internationalization, as examples of the latest developments Sitip is bringing to the fair a list of fabrics part of the NATIVE Sustainable Textiles collection, a technology applied to fabrics made with recycled yarns and low-environmental-impact chemicals with reduced consumption of natural resources:

NATIVE-STRAPP RES ACR: 100% PAR, H/cm 127, g/m2 255:

A recycled brushed tricot warp knit, made with post-consumer yarns, OEKO-TEX® certified.

It’s a hook-receptive fabric and its main use is for the Medical&Orthopedic sector.

© 2022 Sitip
© 2022 Sitip

NATIVE-MOON PES: 100% PES RECYCLED, H/cm 155, g/m2 235:

an anti-abrasion recycled tricot warp knit, no- brushed, made with post-consumer yarns, certificated OEKO-TEX®. The main use is for the Footwear sector.

© 2022 Sitip
© 2022 Sitip


a recycled no-brushed tricot warp knit, made with pre and post-consumer yarns, OEKO-TEX® certified.

The main use is for the Footwear sector.

© 2022 Sitip
© 2022 Sitip

VEL5872+MTP2,3 35+VEL5872COLLA: 76% PA; 11% EA; 13% PU, H/cm 145, g/m2 540:

a glue laminated warp knit, OEKO-TEX® certified, made with:

- VELL. ELAST. 5872 H150: a tricot warp knit, bi-stretch and brushed, for hook- receptive

- MTP D.035 MM.02,0 H.152 ANTRAC (foam)

- VELL. ELAST. 5872 H150: a tricot warp knit, bi-stretch and brushed for hook and loop

© 2022 Sitip
© 2022 Sitip

K040+PE4 30+STRAP NR-COLLA ASX: 77% PA; 23% PU; H/cm 145, g/m2 520:

a glue laminated warp knit, OEKO- TEX®certified, made with:

- OP.K040 ITIS G230 H153 TINTO: an anti- abrasion tricot warp knit, no-brushed

- MTP D.035 MM.02,0 H.152 ANTRAC (foam)

- VELL.STRAPP G200/10 H150 NON R: a brushed tricot warp knit for hook and loop applications. The main use is for the Medical&Orthopedic sector.

© 2022 Sitip
© 2022 Sitip

SHALIMAR L ST. FOR. +S45 MM.3,5: 42% PL; 27% PBT; 31% PU; H/cm 150, g/m2 269:

a flame laminated warp knit, OEKO- TEX®certified, made with:

- SHALIMAR L SANITIZED IDROFILO FORO PICCOLO REDBULL: a brushed tricot warp knit, printable, antibacterial (Sanitized®) and hydrophilic (with the Sitip Technology 2DRY Enduring Freshness - that makes the fabric dry quick, wicking moisture away from the body and leaving it with a sensation of pleasant freshness)

- FILTRO S45 MM.03.5 H.153 ANTR, a breathable foam which main use is for the Helmets sector.

© 2022 Sitip
© 2022 Sitip

Sitip has also been chosen as a participant of Techtextil Performance Textiles in Fashion special show, an initiative that aims to demonstrate the properties or possible applications some companies can develop as end products.

Sitip for the occasion will present one of its best and highly appreciated development “from fabric to clothing” coming from the COSMOPOLITAN Fashion-tech fabric collection, here dedicated to man and to the contemporary urbanwear style: the warp-knitted white shirt in COSMOPOLITAN Milano, a 4-way stretch fabric very quick to dry, giving exceptional comfort on the skin, freedom of movement and perfect fit; the jacket and pants made with our special COSMOPOLITAN Citylife, which is a 4-way stretch nylon fabric equipped with UPF 50+ protection, quick drying, easy care, highly performing, breathable, comfortable, insulating and with an exceptional fit.

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