Techtextil 2022


Vandewiele will inspire at Techtextil by the large range of solutions and accessories

Vandewiele (Hall 12.0 / Booth D35) has some stunning presentations of new realizations in the field of woven technical textiles – but they will also present the Vandewiele weaving machinery, feeders and other developments for multilayer fabrics, spacer fabrics, etc...

Today’s machinery allows already manufacturing the most complex 3D geometries and composites for hybrid lightweight construction. After visiting the booth on Techtextil, weavers will be convinced that there is still an enormous number of open opportunities, the company says.

At Techtextil Vandewiele will show several examples of technical textiles based on the core technology of double piece distance weaving creating a sandwich structure. 


The Vandewiele group of companies has in house all the required technologies. The Vandewiele weaving machines create sandwich structures by weaving two fabrics bonded together by vertical yarns. The Vandewiele IRO zero twist feeders gives you full control of the weft. The warp is controlled by the Vandewiele Bonas full electronic jacquard machines. The technology of the use of servo motors in all the machines is controlled in house from Vandewiele – Aros producing all types of motor and drive solutions.

The combination of distance weaving, know-how of handling heavy yarn, optimal control of the weft and full flexibility in the movement of the jacquard makes Vandewiele the ideal partner for any product. This together with optimal, Industry 4.0 standard, follow up, guaranteeing highest efficiency in combination with full quality control. The use of servo motors instead of mechanical parts makes the machines not only more flexible in applications but makes full control possible. Software solutions making this easy to do will also be shown at the exhibition by BMS.


Vandewiele invites visitors to come and discuss their needs for multi-layer fabrics, geotextiles, bullet proof material, construction textiles, sports materials, composites, ..and much more. The corresponding specialists are on site.

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