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Viscose Speciality Fibres from Kelheim Fibres at Techtextil

The broad range of types of products and application areas is, according to its own statement, the winning formula of Techtextil, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens. The Bavarian viscose speciality fibres manufacturer Kelheim Fibres offers a solid basis for both of these: their exceptionally wide spectrum of the most varied functional fibre products is the perfect raw material for a whole range of technical applications, from nonwovens applications to functional apparel, and from sportswear to filtration.
Commercial Director Matthew North describes the unique characteristic of Kelheim Fibres as follows: „Our core strength is the exact matching of our fibres to our customer’s specific needs, to their final product or to their production process. This way we generate added value for the customer and that is the best foundation for a long-lasting and successful partnership.”

Customers can choose from a constantly growing variety of well-established Kelheim brands – for example the extremely versatile Danufil® - and innovative new fibre developments: At Techtextil, the Bavarians will present Olea, the world’s first viscose fibre with inherent hydrophobic properties, as well as the fibre speciality Bramante, which – in contrast to Olea – delivers significantly increased levels of absorbency relative to standard viscose fibres: Bramante can store liquids in the segmented hollow structure inside the fibre and keep it there even under pressure. Thus, Bramante is the ideal raw material for re-usable incontinence products and other hygienic applications.
Danufil® BF, a flame retardant viscose speciality, serves a completely different purpose: used as a protective barrier nonwoven in mattresses or furniture Danufil® BF can help to prevent a fire from spreading.

All these speciality fibres have one thing in common: By precisely controlling fibre dimensions and cross sections or by incorporating additional functionalities in the fibre matrix, Kelheim’s fibre experts not only create a fibre with additional new functionalities but at the same time, they can preserve the typical properties of a viscose fibre such as softness, skin-friendliness and wearer comfort.

Kelheim products are also clear winners in terms of sustainability, as they are produced completely from cellulose that is sustainably farmed and certified by both the FSC® and PEFC® organisations. And after use, the consumer does not need to worry about the safety of disposal of the products – the fibres are biodegradeable and certified as compostable.

Meet Kelheim Fibres at Techtextil – from 9 to 12 May, 2017 in Frankfurt, Hall 3, Stand F23 (with Bayern Innovativ)!
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