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In course of September Gerber Technology along with his longstanding onsite distribution partner IIGM has hosted full day conferences showcasing their integrated automation technology solutions to Indian fashion companies, apparel manufacturers and sourcing managers from various garment segments. The events, held at New Delhi and Bangalore revolved around Gerber’s benchmark message “Embrace Your Digital Reality”.

Fashion Focus Days at Bangalore & New Delhi to Feature Customer Journeys Towards Digitalization For Sewn Goods Industries

Almost 100 decision makers from approximately 55 companies, most of them already using Gerber hardware and software, attended for the opportunity of live introduction on how to optimize production planning for utmost efficiency and material yield. “AccuPlan allows companies to leverage work orders from the brink  or received via their ERP systems and convert them into optimized cut order jobs as they enter the manufacturing floor”, explained Sajith Kumar, IIGMs Vice President Automation Solutions to the press onsite. 

According to Rodolfo Ramirez from Product Management at Gerber’s headquarter in Tolland/Connecting in the USA and as displayed by his in-depth demonstration with its new version 11 AccuPlan software  allows further substantial production and material cost reductions: The powerful spread and cut planning tool enhances production efficiencies and performance by up to 85 percent in automation process time.

Fast fashion and e-commerce are increasing the pressure not only for retail, brands but also to their production partners within the value chain. “To keep up with fierce competition and to stay on top of the game innovative tools, integrated processes and reliable tech-and service partners are the pre-requisite”, said Michael Lock. The Director Global Business Development then rolled out how product lifecycle management (PLM) best practices can help maximize profit opportunities and lower inventory risks.

Gerber’s YuniquePLM™ is web-based product lifecycle management software that helps the fashion and apparel industries communicate effectively, accelerate workflows and eliminate errors.  “With its version 7 YuniquePLM is also available as a software subscription in the cloud”, Michael Lock emphasized at New Delhi and Bangalore. “Furthermore Gerber is the only PLM provider that offers a free online trial without any commitment or heavy setup and installation.” 

Configuring YuniquePLM V7 is easy to execute for businesses of all sizes with an intuitive user interface in either the cloud or enterprise installation – achieving faster return on investment for customers. With YuniquePLM V7, any user administrator can configure the application to match their business needs. They can create or hide fields and drag-and-drop fields across the application with a few simple clicks. YuniquePLM V7 is highly configurable, making it easy to use out of the box so companies can implement it faster to achieve optimum results.

How 3D technology addresses critical needs across the entire product lifecycle from sampling, to sourcing, to fit and e-commerce – an overview on Gerber’s AccuMark 2D-3D solution – represented the final highlight  of an exciting conference day before the participants in the event continued to exchange ideas during refreshments.

To learn how to use all of AccuPlan™’s capabilities, sign up for Gerber University classes on AccuPlan™, AccuMark, 3D, pattern design and more.]
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