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SmartX Community meets at LOPEC!

The SmartX Community met at LOPEC, an annual exhibition and conference highlighting the latest developments in printed electronics, a crucial technology for integrating electronic components into wearables, creating lightweight and flexible devices that can conform to the shape of the body.

On 1-2 March, members of the SmartX Community had the chance to catch up and collaborate at LOPEC in Munich, Germany.

Textile ETP's Project Manager and SmartX Community Manager Judith Bosch visited the fair, meeting SmartX Community members CeNTI, Sefar, Elitac Wearables and InnovationLab. Two of them, CENTI and InnovationLab, showcased their latest innovations: CENTI introduced their latest wearable technology, while InnovationLab demonstrated their energy-efficient prototypes, highlighting the possibilities of printed electronics in creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly devices.

© 2023 Textile ETP
© 2023 Textile ETP

One of the interesting developments showcased at LOPEC was the use of printed electronics in textiles, which offers new possibilities for integrating electronic components into clothing. This technology has the potential to create smart textiles that can monitor health and fitness, among other applications. Additionally, new circular economy inks were demonstrated, which can reduce waste and make printed electronics more sustainable. The fair also showcased new pilot plants that can produce wearable electronic devices more efficiently, making them more cost-effective and accessible to consumers.

The fair was an exciting platform for exploring the potential of printed electronics in driving innovative smart textile solutions across diverse markets. The SmartX Community believes that the LOPEC fair and the innovations showcased will bring interesting potential with continued research and development.

LOPEC is an annual exhibition and conference showcasing the latest developments in printed electronics, highlighting several new approaches to this technology, and taking place in Munich, Germany. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to discover trends and technological developments on their applicability to testing.

© 2023 Textile ETP
© 2023 Textile ETP

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