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Mini spinning line & textile recycling

Circular economy and recycling are very popular topics nowadays, widely applied in textiles as well. Besides its main application (didactic, R&D, sampling) Mesdan’s Mini Spinning line is often contemplated as part of recycling projects: garment brands, R&D labs (institutes & universities), new startups are showing high interest in laboratory scale or small-production lines for recycling of old fabrics & cloths and the recovery of waste of some expensive materials like aramid or carbon fibres.

Here a link to see how one textile school in Holland included the Mini Spinning line into their recycling program: The audio/text are all in Dutch but it is easy to understand the process.

Their equipment includes a Lab Card with Coiler + “StiroLab” draw frame with Flyer + “Ring Lab” spinning frame + automatic single drum winding machine.

© 2021 Mesdan
© 2021 Mesdan

A “standard” recycling process may be described as follows:?

- incoming material sanitisation?

- two cycles through a shearing machine

- blending (addition of other recycled fibres during carding) and carding

- drawing + ring spinning?

- final product: blended yarns (as per desired blending %, count and Tpm)

© 2021 Mesdan
© 2021 Mesdan

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