Lenzing participates in Circular Fashion Partnership

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The Circular Fashion Partnership provides an efficient platform for Lenzing to contribute to a long-term, scalable transition to circular fashion. The cross-sectorial project has been initiated by Global Fashion Agenda, the leading forum for industry collaboration and public-private cooperation on fashion sustainability.

Lenzing has joined forces with more than 30 renowned fashion brands, manufacturers and recyclers to capture and reuse textile waste in Bangladesh.

By participating in the Circular Fashion Partnership, Lenzing proactively contributes to the development and implementation of new systems to capture and direct post-production fashion waste back into the production of new fashion products. In addition, the partnership seeks to find solutions for the COVID-19 related pile-up of deadstock and to engage regulators and investors around the current barriers and economic opportunities in Bangladesh. The initiative offers a substantial opportunity for Bangladesh to become a leader in circularity by scaling the recycling capacity in the country and generating more value from these waste streams.

“In close cooperation with leading companies who attach particular importance to sustainability we aim to practice new business models for adopting more circular processes. Together we will facilitate a decrease in textile waste and increase the use of recycled fibers," explains Stefan Doboczky, CEO of Lenzing Group.

As a frontrunner in sustainability, Lenzing aims to make textile recycling a process as common as paper recycling. Since the year 2017, its REFIBRA™ technology successfully combines the environmentally responsible lyocell technology with a closed-loop production process and the upcycling of cotton waste materials. While the fiber is currently available with 30 percent recycled textiles as a raw material, it is Lenzing’s vision to offer fibers produced with REFIBRA™ technology with up to 50 percent recycled content from post-consumer waste by 2024.

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