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NIRI to present at the 2022 Greener Manufacturing Show

The 2022 GMS takes place from the 9-10th November in Cologne, Germany, and NIRI has been invited to present alongside other industry leaders.

The Greener Manufacturing Show is the must-attend event for any sustainability focused company looking to design and manufacturer their products from more sustainable materials, limit and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, and reduce the impact of their industrial and manufacturing processes on the environment and global climate change. 

© 2022 NIRI
© 2022 NIRI

NIRI’s role at the show

For many years now, NIRI has been supporting the world’s leading innovation companies with process development using novel biopolymers and product development of sustainable nonwovens – particularly within the fashion and textile industry.

With the industry moving away from synthetic plastic chemistries, there is huge interest and potential for the use of thermoplastic PHAs, a class of bioderived, biodegradable polymers.

In this presentation, one of NIRI’s Innovation Scientists, Dr. Clement Denis, will discuss the challenges of meltblowing polyhydroxyalkanoates nonwovens, and examine how to identify product development opportunities for the nonwoven industry.

Where and when is the presentation?

The title of the topic being presented is “Nonwovens from Polyhydroxyalkanoates | Meltblowing Process & Product Development for Fashion & Textiles” and has been chosen to round-off the first day of the show. The presentation will take place from 16:10 (local time) to 16:35 on Wednesday 9th November in the Fashion and Textiles section of the hall.

Please join Clement as he covers topics such as;

  • What are PHAs?
  • The Synthesis route
  • Structure and properties
  • Limitations & barriers
  • Emerging technologies

Click here to view the full conference agenda. And should you wish to meet with Clement over the course of the show, please send a meeting request to our inbox and we will make the arrangements.

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