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Little King presents new sustainable fabrics

At PERFORMANCE DAYS fair in Munich Little King presents FUTURE WARMTH as an answer to the fibre-shedding issue. The collection includes the new insulation material, 3-layer knitting construction, engineered terry that can be a good alternative for traditional fleece.

Little King presents new sustainable fabrics at PERFORMANCE DAYS

With a strong need for a change, people are seeking more and more sustainable practices in the apparel industry. FUTURE WARMTH removes the brushing and is less likely to shed fibres after home laundering. Without compromising the performance, FUTURE WARMTH fully achieves thermal standard just as good as traditional brushed fleece and enhances the breathability at the same time. With years of research in yarn and engineered knitting, Little King has discovered a new way to think and focuses more on the essence of design.

New sustainable thermal solution – IN-LAY & SPACER

Little King is well-known for specialization in yarn development and innovation in fabric construction. The 3-layer knitting constructions IN-LAY & SPACER utilize the cavity between the upper and lower knitted construction, which stores the heat by filling piles into it. The unique construction provides beneficial properties such as breathability (Air permeability - ASTM D737 averagely 40% higher than ordinary fleece), fabric shape stability, natural stretch, and anti-crease characteristics. The fabric design is highly-diversified, as it can easily play with sweater fleece, mesh holes, or even multiple 3D textures and patterns.

Insulation for all activities – ADAPTABLE INSULATION

Little King designed new insulation materials for both dynamic and static activities. The low-density texture of this insulation allows moisture to move freely through the fabric that draws excellent regulation of body temperature. This ADAPTABLE INSULATION features unique properties such as stretch, compressibility, and bulky hand feel, and can be easily layered with high-gauge fabrics for better windproof and outer water- repellent coating for complete outdoor protection.

Unleashing your imagination - DESIRED TERRY

Little King’s DESIRED TERRY is a genuine eye-catcher. The new technology can transform any creative ideas that pop up in designers’ minds into fabrication and results in the successful production of high-performance engineered terry that fulfills athleisure market needs for both aesthetics and functionality.

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