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TRICK partners gather for Technical Meeting

The TRICK Technical Meeting took place on 23-24 February, in Biella, Italy, having consortium partners joining in person and virtually.

Over the course of two days, the Textile ETP and TRICK partners convened to hold discussions and share insights on the TRICK project's technical advancements, pilots, and services, always keeping in mind the aim of the project: enhancing traceability and circularity in the textile and food production domains.

During the meeting, the consortium delved into the six services recognized by the TRICK initiative:

1.) PCO (Product Certificate of Origin)

2.) Circular Assessment

3.) Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

4.) Health and protection

5.) Ethical Assessment

6.) AI for anticounterfeiting

The consortium received a comprehensive explanation of each service, including the challenges that need to be addressed to achieve them.

In addition, the partners also examined the end-user interface pilot. This pilot is an important component of the TRICK project, as it will offer companies a platform to manage product traceability.

Overall, the meeting was beneficial for Textile ETP, as it allowed them to determine which services were likely to undergo market analysis in the upcoming months, the company announced.

© 2023 Textile ETP
© 2023 Textile ETP

The TRICK project support SMEs in the adoption, tracing and demonstration of sustainable approaches by means of an innovative and circular product information management system, based on a data collection platform secured by Blockchain and integrated with an open marketplace for the matched services. It is funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (GA 958352) with 8mls of contributions, and started in May 2021 with a duration of 42 months.

© 2023 Textile ETP
© 2023 Textile ETP

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