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Italian Textile Machinery at Index17

In recent years nonwovens sector has grown on a global scale, much more significantly than the traditional textile industry. The demand for nonwovens items in many end-markets has thus boosted production of technologies, characterized by a high level of innovative content in both end products and production processes. The increased demand for innovative solutions is precisely what enhances the role of Italian textile machinery manufacturers.
INDEX is the main trade show for the sector. For many Italian textile machinery companies involved in nonwovens sector the show is usually an occasion to show the most updated technology for nonwovens sector to potential customers.

At INDEX17 (from 4 to 7 April in Geneve), for the first time, ACIMIT, the Association of Italian textile machinery manufacturers, and ICE-Italian Trade Agency have organized a Meeting Point (booth 4145), where 6 Italian machinery manufacturers involved in the production of machines for nonwovens will show their innovative solutions. Among these companies ACIMIT members are: Aigle, Durst, Testa, Ugolini, Unitech.

Other Italian manufacturers of machines for nonwovens will exhibit with their own booth.

The Italian companies exhibiting in Switzerland are only a part of the manufacturers that in Italy produce machinery for nonwovens. In ACIMIT website you can find an exhaustive list of ACIMIT members operating in this sector.

Pic: Leading digital priinter manufaturer durst is one of the exhibitors on the ACIMIT booth (c) 2017 TexData
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