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Technical textiles that make life more pleasant

At the international nonwovens trade fair INDEX, Freudenberg Performance Materials is exhibiting innovative solutions for a variety of applications. These include laminates of hydroactive nonwovens and hydrophilic polyurethane foams as well as high-performance nonwovens for hygiene products and for cosmetic applications. Super-microfilament textiles, eco-friendly backings for carpets are also on show.
Advanced wound care components support the healing process

One of the major opportunities in advanced wound care is to create a moist environment that accelerates healing. This is precisely the objective of Freudenberg Performance Materials´ products. Freudenberg Performance Materials has combined hydrophilic polyurethane foams with hydroactive nonwovens. These laminates absorb wound exudates significantly faster and have a considerably higher retention capacity than foam wound dressings. Antimicrobial solutions help to reduce the bacterial load in infected wounds and also act as a barrier in wounds with a high risk of renewed infection.

Tailor-made components for cosmetic applications

The company is also presenting high-performance textiles for cosmetic applications. These are extremely elastic, adaptable and soft and are therefore ideal for facemasks and eye patches. In response to customers’ wishes, the materials can be impregnated with cosmetic agents. Compared with conventional solutions, this approach improves the possible dose and stability.

Skin-friendly reliable components for hygiene

Freudenberg is exhibiting binder-free skin-friendly nonwovens for diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence products. The topsheets and ADL (acquisition distribution layers) for feminine hygiene products are extremely soft and supple and feature high absorbency. In the case of incontinence products, the extremely soft topsheets, backsheets and ADL from Freudenberg offer dependable quality, high leakage protection, very good wearer comfort and extremely high tear resistance. For babies’ diapers, Freudenberg offers a full range of topsheets, backsheets and ADL. The capillary structure of these products rapidly transfers liquids from the top sheet to the absorbent core and ensures that liquids are reliably retained.

Evolon® technology for a wide range of applications

With its super-microfilament textiles, Freudenberg Performance Materials is presenting the latest innovation in the Evolon® product range. Thanks to their dense structure of extremely thin super-microfilaments, these fabrics prevent feathers and down from escaping from pillows, duvets, sleeping bags and other quilted products. Further highlights are Evolon® 3D for high-end wipes and composites for demanding technical packaging. 

Eco-friendly tuft backings

In response to the steadily growing demand for sustainable solutions in the construction sector, the world’s leading producer of technical textiles is presenting eco-friendly tuft materials for use as primary and secondary backings for carpet tiles. They are made from recycled polyester and do not contain any chemical binders.

Pic: Freudenberg offers a full range of topsheets, backsheets and ADL for babies diapers (c) 2017 Freudenberg Performance Materials 

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