ITMA Asia + CITME 2018


Thermobonding ovens for light web nonwovens

SICAM will be At ITMA ASIA 2018 to confirm a deep experience in the thermobondjng process, where the temperature and the air flow distribution are critical parameters. In addition, SICAM has a big experience to handle in the machinery very light webs (I.e. 8 gsm) at very high speed in spunbond lines, more than 1.000 m/min.

From these experiences, SICAM manufactures flat and rotating drum ovens for the thermobonding of the light webs Non-Woven, up to 6 mt ww and speed more then 400 m/min.

The oven design includes a lot of solutions to obtain a perfect evenness of air distribution and of the temperature, in consequence. Flat oven has the best conveyor layout in order to assure reliability in the conveyor life. The very sensitive air flow adjustment allows to obtain products with high density or soft bulkiness.

In order to have a compact design, very efficient drum ovens can guarantees high density production process. Both drum oven or flat oven are designed considering maximum accessibility solutions for easy cleanable and maintenance and optimization of energy consumption.

SICAM machine (c) 2018 SICAM
SICAM machine (c) 2018 SICAM

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