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Tomsic presents simplest tester on the market

TOMSIC from Italy (Hall H1 / Booth E14), established in 1956 and one of the leading companies active in production and marketing of complete laboratory equipment for spinning mills as well as autoleveller system for cards and drawframes, will highlight its TOMSIC Evenness Tester named EASY: the evenness tester for yarn, roving and sliver..

The consistently great success of the TOMSIC tester is thanks to application of the most advanced technology, simplicity of operation, flexibility, zero maintenance cost and an attractive price to performance ratio. “EASY” is equipped with a very operator-friendly software. All operating parameters are setting in only one window. In the same window also the measuring units can be selected before run the test. The graphical and numerical results, perfectly aligned to WORLD STANDARDS, are displayed in one window for direct test comparison…therefore, the operator’s job is quick and simple!

The flexible software, installed on a normal PC with Windows 10 platform, allows automatic update of the latest features directly from the head Tomsic service station, COST-FREE . This advantage guarantees that the customer’s equipment is always fully updated with the most cutting edge technology.

“EASY” data retrieval is based on the Open SQL Server database. This database, using the SQL principle, enables all data to be exported easily to other programs / databases. All parameters are with OPEN access which permits FREE LAN connection. The reports can be globally read ON-LINE and in REAL TIME.

Since ITMA 2015, the TOMSIC Evenness Tester has upgraded with the LINK JOB TECHNOLOGY. This technology offers the possibility to link the Evenness tester with Tomsic Count Analyser to collect directly the data of the REAL COUNT and obtain in this way the real test results. It is very useful, errors avoid system and time save technology.

The TOMSIC company offers , in many countries around the world, besides the sale's agent , also a local after sales service, so it can always guarantee prompt and competent assistance. However, “EASY” has been developed based on the MODULAR principle, where each slot is independent and easily extractable , if necessary, by the customer himself and with an auto test of each module. In practice a lower service-cost is guaranteed and thus a Tomsic technician on site is not a real necessity!

TOMSIC Evenness Tester EASY (c) 2018 TOMSIC
TOMSIC Evenness Tester EASY (c) 2018 TOMSIC

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