ITMA Asia + CITME 2018


STOLL wants to surprise visitors at ASIA + CITME 2018

(c) 2018 STOLL
The most important international exhibition of textile machinery in Asia will be the showcase for innovations of the company H. Stoll AG & Co. KG. Visitors to the exhibition can look forward to many interesting surprises. Customer orientation will once again play a central role. Above all, STOLL's new software solution, knitelligence®, will hold a prominent space on the booth and showcase how customers can benefit from it.

For the first time, the new ADF 830-24 W knit & wear gauge E7.2 will be presented in the area of knitting machine technology.

This machine is the answer to the most complex technical requirements for large knits, oversized knits, and unusual cuts in the knit & wear range. At the exhibition, a knit & wear sweater with plating technology will be presented.

ADF 830-24 W (c) 2018 STOLL
ADF 830-24 W (c) 2018 STOLL

These other machines will be exhibited: CMS 330 HP BW TT sport, CMS 502HP + Bc and the ADF 530-24.

knitelligence® - STOLL's new software solution

One of the highlights of the steadily growing STOLL Software Solutions division is the presentation of the new software solution knitelligence® at this year's ITMA ASIA + CITME in Shanghai.

STOLL's knitelligence® is a modular system that combines all of STOLL's software solutions under one platform that covers the entire value chain of flat-knit production.

From design to production, knitelligence® can be easily integrated into existing customer processes.

CMS 502 HP+ (c) 2018 STOLL
CMS 502 HP+ (c) 2018 STOLL

ADF 530-24 (c) 2018 STOLL
ADF 530-24 (c) 2018 STOLL

 The topic "networking and digitization of processes" is in the focus and is intended to cast a spell over the visitors of the STOLL exhibition stand. In order to best illustrate the new software solutions, there will be live demonstrations for the visitors.

In addition, STOLL will present some new innovations from Fashion & Technology and Technical Textiles sectors.

With regard to Technical Textiles STOLL will show the ever growing market for applications and technical implementations.

CMS 330 HP W (c) 2018 STOLL
CMS 330 HP W (c) 2018 STOLL

On behalf of the presentation of an ideally specified CMS 330 HP W TT sport multi gauge E7.2 for the making of knit to use shoe uppers, SOLL would like to show the performance range of a STOLL machine for technical applications.

STOLL will show a cross section through diverse applications in the sector of Technical Textiles by presenting diverse shoe upper applications as well as implementations reaching into fields such as such as medical designs, upholstery solutions, conductive garments and industrial uses etc.

Let yourself be surprised and visit STOLL in hall 4, booth C06.

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