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Zinser highlights at ITMA

© Saurer 2015: Zinser 72 - spinning economy into every yarn
Ring spinning machine manufacturer Saurer Zinser is showcasing its latest outstanding product ideas at ITMA 2015 in Milan. The company will be presenting its new generation of machines at the exhibition under the slogan "Setting New Standards". Zinser's new roving frames, ring Spinning machines and compact spinning machines offer unique E³ triple added value to commodity yarn spinning mills in the areas of Energy, Economics and Ergonomics. The result: quantifiable benefits for more economy and higher returns.

World premiere for the new ZinserSpeed 5A

The brand-new ZinserSpeed 5A roving frame is celebrating its world premiere at ITMA 2015, where it will be presented to the public for the first time. The roving frame reduces operating costs and raises productivity. Its energy-saving mode for suction and flyer table blowing reduces overall energy consumption by 20 %. The roving frame has the additional benefit of a smaller footprint. In 220 gauge the ZinserSpeed 5A is up to 17 % shorter than its predecessor, the Zinser 670.

With a doffing time of less than two minutes, the ZinserSpeed 5A's new automatic doffer makes the roving frame the ideal partner for Zinser high-speed ring spinning machines. The new RoWeLift transfer station connects the ZinserSpeed 5A to a roving bobbin transport system with 1:1 transfer. Contact-free transport to the ring spinning machine ensures optimal quality. At the exhibition booth the ZinserSpeed 5A will be connected to the new ZinserImpact 72 by means of a Zinser Autoflow system.

pic: ZInserSpeed 5A by Saurer

Zinser 72 requires two-thirds less energy

Trade fair visitors from Europe can enjoy a product premiere with Zinser presenting its new Zinser 72 machine series to a European audience for the first time. With a length of 2,016 spindles, the Zinser 72 has broken the 2,000 barrier and is setting new standards for economy in the commodity yarn sector. The machine is super-long, super-economical and extremely user-friendly. It also bears the new E3 label: Spinning economy into every yarn.

The Zinser 72 offers outstanding energy savings in the suction process. The new two-end TwinSuction system saves two-thirds of the energy consumption in combination with the OptiSuction yarn break suction system. A unique milestone in improved energy efficiency!

The new innovative Zinser 72 energy monitoring system delivers information about energy consumption per shift or lot and enables specific energy optimisation in the production chain.

Thanks to its reduced length, the Zinser 72 lowers production costs by up to 11 %. It also occupies up to 21 % less floor space. The Zinser 72 is therefore the most economical ring spinning and compact spinning technology in the world.

The ZinserImpact 72 compact spinning machine features the maintenance-free Impact FX unit, which increases annual production by up to 2,600 kg (Ne 30). The Impact FX is designed to clean itself, thus doing away with unproductive maintenance interruptions for cleaning as is the case with drum systems. An independent, controlled vacuum unit ensures constant compact power and ultimate process reliability with the Impact FX.

The Zinser 451 Impact FX – ideal for wool

The third machine from Zinser to be presented at the exhibition is the Zinser 451 Impact FX compact spinning machine for woollen yarns. The self-cleaning compact technology developed by the industry market leader clearly demonstrates its superiority. The system is resistant to wool grease, textile lubricants and finishing agents. The flexible compacting apron is of crucial importance here. The flexing effect at the deflection point of the apron prevents trash particles and fibre fragments from becoming lodged. The Zinser 451 Impact FX therefore consistently provides outstanding quality, a feature of vital importance in the textile industry.

Innovations to the CoWeMat and CoWeFeed systems, as well as to the EasySpin operating software, round out the Zinser exhibition offering.

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