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Suessen at ITMA 2015 in Milan

The flip-over technology of the new EliTOP Advanced increases lifetimes and reduces costs. (c) Suessen
Spindelfabrik Suessen, which was originally founded 1920, offers innovative spinning systems enabling the production of high quality yarn. Suessen will introduce several innovative solutions at ITMA in Milan. The highlight will be the EliTe®CompactSet Advanced – a compact spinning system with various new features.
Innovative compact spinning system reduces cost significantly

The goal of the new development was an increased lifetime of many components, such as lattice aprons and inserts and the reduction of maintenance costs. With the flip-over technology for example the housing can be used upside down, because top and bottom parts are identical. Different colours – red and yellow – indicate the two sides. As a result the use of top roller cots can be doubled. Customers benefit from lower costs for maintenance, handling, and alignment. In addition, the top roller cots on the new system have bigger diameters –The lifetime of the larger cots is substantially longer; an improvement in lifetime of up to 165 % is possible.

Suessen will also present various new Premium Parts for rotor spinning machines. The new TwistTrap-Navel has a modified nozzle, combined with a patented twist-retaining element. The TwistTrap-Navel, which is applicable to all types of spinboxes, provides an additional false twist, which results in better spinning stability. The production can increase by 10 % to 15 % due to the possible twist reduction. Another new Premium Part is the PS7 TwinDisc – a support disc with reduced width. The reduction from 10 mm to 7 mm results in less flexing work between rotor shaft and disc. The benefit is a lower energy consumption; savings of up to 11 Watt are possible, depending on the rotor speed.
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