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Textile machinery: sustainability the winning formula for Italian technology

Group photo at Villa Erba: ACIMIT invited the international press for a press conference to get the latest news from the Italian textile machinery manufacturers and their participation at ITMA 2015 in Milan (c) 2015 TexData
With 2014 archived in lights and shadows, Italy’s textile machinery sector looks optimistically to the current year. In 2015 ITMA, the industry’s most important trade fair, returns to Italy twenty years later, providing an opportunity to showcase Italian technology and stimulate new investments of textile sector in Italy and Europe.
At the General Assembly of ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, the 2014 year end data were exhibited – a transitional year for the industry. Production dropped slightly (-1%) compared to 2013, coming in at a value of just over 2.3 billion euros. After falling the two previous years, exports confirmed the value of the preceding year, at roughly 1.95 billion euros. Italian exports were destined primarily to Asia and Europe. Overall, these two areas absorbed 81% of sales abroad. However, whereas our exports to European markets grew compared to last year, they actually fell in Asia. China remains one of the main export markets, although sales of Italian machinery fell by 25% in 2014 compared to the previous year, a result of less robust economic growth than was expected. On the other hand, exports to India, Bangladesh and Vietnam were on the rise, and Italian textile machinery manufacturers also did well in Turkey, the United States and Iran.

At ACIMIT’s General Assembly, people spoke mostly of 2015. During the current year the industry stands to benefit from macroeconomic factors that are making forecasts lean towards a cautious optimism. In particular, on domestic market a more widespread trust should encourage the investments in machinery by textile companies, who will benefit from a weaker euro to boost exports. Abroad, on the other hand, we expect the recovery in the demand from China, which is the leading market for Italian exports and a boost for the European demand.

With these forecasts in hand, ITMA 2015, the textile machinery sector’s main trade fair, to be held from 12 to 19 November in Milan, will be a driving force capable of energizing Italian and European investments in the textile industry. “Our manufacturers are very confident about the event next November,” commented ACIMIT’s President Raffaella Carabelli. “As shown by the preliminary figures on the presence of Italian companies at the fair: a total of nearly 430 exhibitors, covering around 31,000 square meters, for an increase in occupied surface area of over 50% compared to the previous edition in Barcelona. Fully 30% of the total exhibition space at ITMA will be taken up by Italian machinery manufacturers.”

An international press conference was also held at the ACIMIT General Assembly in Villa Erba (Como) to present Italy’s participation at ITMA. “Thanks to the great level of economic and organizational support from the Ministry for Economic Development and Italian Trade Agency,” explained Carabelli, “we’re able to promote the presence of Italian businesses at the November trade fair through a wide range of initiatives.”

Pic: A big birthday cake for the 70th anniversary of ACIMIT

“There’s no doubt that within Italy the textile machinery industry is one of the country’s most important production sectors, due to its strong showing on the international markets,” states Roberto Luongo, the General Director of Italian Trade Agency. “Our textile technologies are considered of a very high qualitative level, which is an element of great pride and satisfaction for us, which urges us to support Italian businesses in an increasingly convinced and determined manner, through an effective, well-established and proven collaboration with the trade association. The ITMA trade fair in Milan represents a unique opportunity for Italy’s textile machinery industry, which is why, with the huge financial support from the Ministry for Economic Development, a well defined project has been set up in partnership with ACIMIT, known as the Special ITMA Milano 2015 Project, with the aim of allowing the numerous Italian machinery manufacturers at the fair to maximize their own individual efforts.”

At the Milan edition of ITMA, a trade fair that stands out for the high level of innovation and technology proposals, the main issue will be sustainability, as the theme of this edition emphasizes: “Master the art of sustainable innovation”. ACIMIT’S President added “The textile machinery sector is moving towards more competitive production processes, where reduced production costs, through savings in the consumption of water, energy and raw materials, are combined with greater attention to environmental issues. In this situation, Italy’s machinery manufacturers are the ideal partners for companies looking to make sustainability an added value in their production outlook.”

Pic: Italian participation at ITMA 2015 in Milan

Pre-empting to international journalists the main Italian technology innovations on show at ITMA, ACIMIT indicated that energy savings and reduced environmental impacts would be the major trends for Italy’s machinery companies. On the issue of sustainability, ACIMIT has over the past five years committed time and resources through its “Sustainable Technologies project”, bearing witness to the commitment of participating manufacturers to reduce the Carbon Footprint of their machinery, through ongoing technology improvements. As ACIMIT’s President concluded “Our industry’s future relies on sustainable technology.”

Acimit ITMA press conference 2015
Acimit ITMA press conference 2015

Pic: (f.l.t.r.) ACIMIT Director Mr. Federico Pellegata, ACIMT President Mrs. Raffaella Carabelli and Mr. Alessandro Liberatori, Head - Capital Goods Division (Dirigente) of ICE- ITALIAN TRADE PROMOTION AGENCY at the international press conference.(c) 2015 TexData

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