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ITM 2020 will break new records with its occupancy rate approaching to 100 Percent

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The success of the ITM Exhibition, which broke a record with 1150 participants from 64 countries and 59 thousand visitors from 94 countries in 2018, will clearly repeat itself again this year. The ITM 2020 Exhibition, which has draws great attention from the moment its sales and reservations started, approached the 100 percent occupancy rate with the increase in the number of participants and its capacity.

This year, the ITM 2020 (International Textile Machinery) Exhibition, which is organized with the partnership of TUYAP Tüm Fuarc?l?k Yap?m A.?. and Teknik Fuarc?l?k A.?., and in cooperation with TEMSAD (Textile Machinery and Accessories Industrialists Association) between 2 and 6 June, is expected by its participating companies and visitors with great enthusiasm.

Increase Both in Number of Visitors and Exhibitors

As the number of booths sold has increased and the companies expanded the size of the booth square meters, which attracted great attention from its participants, and therefore, there is no more vacant booths in some halls of the ITM 2020 Exhibition. It is already certain that the ITM 2020 Exhibition will break new records as in the ITM 2018, because of the increase in terms of both the number of visitors and participating companies.

Citizens of countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia have difficulties to participate in the similar exhibitions organized in Europe due to the hardships encountered when obtaining a Schengen visa. But, the fact that textile manufacturers, who are citizens of these countries do not experience such problems while traveling to our country, and this plays a crucial role in increasing the number of participating companies and visitors in the ITM exhibitions. The consulates and commercial attaches receive an abundant number of applications from visitors from all over the world reveals that the ITM 2020 Exhibition will also host a large number of visitors. In addition to this, the efforts of some tourism companies pursue in order to organize tours to the ITM 2020.

ITM Exhibitions Contribute to the World Economy

The ITM Exhibition, which serves as a bridge between the east and the west, is making itself ready to feel the pulse of the sector, as it did in the previous years. This big appointment in Istanbul, which is located in the center of countries that are intensively in the textile business, facilitates sector representatives to introduce their state-of-the-art technologies for the first time at the ITM exhibition. The ITM exhibitions, in which not only Turkish companies but also textile manufacturers from all over the world market textile machinery, provides a great contribution to the world economy. The companies that have submitted their paperwork immediately in the first day of the applications count the days to experience the excitement of the ITM 2020 in Istanbul.

The geography for textile manufacturing has changed location because of the fact that the developed countries operating in the ready-to-wear sector started to search for cheap resources in production. In the recent years, Asian countries, which hold the advantage of inexpensive manpower, have started to strengthen in the textile industry as the quotas in global exports have been revoked.

Considering the number of textile machines imported by North Africa, the Turkic Republic, the Middle Eastern, and some Asian countries until 2017 and through the spindle capacity they have, we observe that they have a share of 25% to 50% from the total market size (according to the machine type).

Organizing the ITM Exhibitions in Istanbul, where happens to be one of the most convenient geographical locations for the countries in these regions, in addition to ease of transportation and visa liberalization; transforms the ITM Exhibitions into a center of attraction for both exhibitors and visitors.

It is essential to take a look at the 'International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics' report of 2018 published by The International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) in order to explain the significance of ITM Exhibitions in terms of the geographical location in which they are held.

HIGHTEX 2020 attracts intense attention from its participants

HIGHTEX 2020 International Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Fair, which will be held concurrently with the ITM 2020 Exhibition for the eighth time, also draws great attention from its participating countries. Moreover, the fact that it is held together simultaneously with the ITM 2020 Exhibition doubles the excitement for the participants and the visitors. HIGHTEX 2020 Exhibition, which already filled in almost all of its halls, brings together nonwoven industry leaders and technical textile technologies under one roof.

HIGHTEX 2020 Exhibition, in which technical textiles, nonwoven raw materials, intermediate and final products, together with the production technologies will be introduced, is making itself ready to be a scene for many collaborations during the five day period.

(c) 2020 ITM
(c) 2020 ITM

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