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ITM left its mark on Iran and Uzbekistan

The preparations continues full steam ahead for the ITM 2018 Exhibition, organized with the partnership of Teknik Fairs and Tüyap, in cooperation with TEMSAD (Textile Machinery and Accessories Industry Association). ITM, which directs the textile machinery sector, is the biggest exhibition in its field in the region. Iran and Uzbekistan are respectively visited in September within the scope of promotion and visitor activities of the ITM 2018 Exhibition, which will be held in Tüyap Fair and Congress Center among April 14-17, 2018.

The ITM team which took its place in the 23rd Irantex 2017 Textile Machinery, Subsidiary Industry, Home Textile, Embroidery Machines and Textile Products Fair held on September 4-7th in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, conducted highly productive negotiations with the official and commercial delegations planned to come from Iran. In this context; talks were held with the officials of the Iranian government, directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Presidents of Associations. In addition, information on the process was shared with Cengiz Gürsel, Principal Trade Consultant of the Turkish Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Tehran. 

Necip Güney, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Technical Fairs, who evaluated the visitor activities and promotions in Iran, emphasized that ITM Exhibitions was highly prestigious and attracted a great deal of interest in Iran. Underlining that, the most intense foreign visitor participation to ITM 2016 Exhibition was from Iran with the rate of 19 % is a demonstration of this circumstance, Necip Güney added that, as part of the talks and visits they have made, it became definite that a huge influx of Iranian visitors to the ITM 2018 Exhibition would become far beyond the estimations. 

Increase in attendance from Central Asia up to three times

IFollowing Irantex, promotional activities for the visitors also continued at the CAITME 2017 11th Textile Machinery, Apparel Machinery and Technologies Exhibition held at Uzexpocentre International Expo Center in Tashkent, capital city of Uzbekistan. ITM advertisements placed in the exhibition area, the exhibition catalog and in the special journal of the exhibition, generated great interest in all CAITME participants and visitors. 

ITM 2018 promotion at CAITME (c) 2017 ITM
ITM 2018 promotion at CAITME (c) 2017 ITM

In addition, ITM team had talks with Uzbek official authorities about Uzbek official and commercial delegations planned to participate in ITM 2018. Also; the team conducted preliminary works with the authorities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan about the procurement committee. Also another meeting was held with the presidents of association the AMBIT (the Associations of International Business and Technology), whose members are Uzbek textile investors.

Detailed consultations were held with Ahmet Başar ŞEN, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Tashkent about all these contacts and works. Uzbek textile businessmen have a smile on their faces thanks to the $ 2.2 billion textile investment subsidy provided by the government. 

And especially under the effect of this support, it is expected that their attendance rate will increase up to three times at ITM 2018 compared to ITM 2016. Stating that their main strategies in the Caitme Exhibition were to give the message of 'ITM is Everywhere' to all visitors and participants, Necip Güney said: “We successfully conveyed the message of 'ITM is Everywhere' to participants and visitors both with our ads placed on the billboards that dominated all roads and areas in the exhibition area and with the brochures prepared in Russian so as to present ITM 2018 to visitors.” 

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