Toray presents innovations with 5 subsidiaries at JEC World 2024 in France

Toray Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce today that French subsidiary Toray Carbon Fibers Europe S.A., Italian subsidiaries Composites Materials (Italy) s.r.l. and Delta-Preg S.p.A., German subsidiary euro advanced carbon fiber composites GmbH, Hungarian subsidiary Zoltek Zrt., and UK and Dutch subsidiary Toray Advanced Composites are exhibiting 5 booths at JEC World 2024 from March 5 to 7 at Paris-Nord Villepinte, France.

Toray Group will feature the full range of TORAYCA™ and Zoltek carbon fibers, prepregs, Advanced Towpreg and composite materials used in aerospace, automotive, sports and leisure, green energy and a broad range of industrial markets.

The overview of each booth at the annual leading international composites show is listed below.

(1) Toray Carbon Fibers Europe / euro advanced carbon fiber composites /Toray booth

Location: 5H01


a. Europe’s largest portfolio of premium carbon fibers, including the World’s highest-strength carbon fiber and high tensile modulus carbon fiber

b. Sustainability actions including ISCC PLUS certification

c. Parts made with Advanced Towpreg using filament winding and automated fiber placement (AFP)

d. Automotive parts for high-performance vehicles

(2) Toray Advanced Composites booth

Location: 6E25


a. Range of material solutions for high performance automotive, including TC750 toughened-epoxy prepreg for structural applications, Toray AmberTool tooling prepreg and TC248SF surfacing film

b. Latest innovation in Toray Cetex™ thermoplastic composites including recycled and next-generation aerospace applications

(3) Delta-Preg booth

Location: 6E17


a. GT car made with DELTA prepregs

b. Forged carbon

c. Sustainable materials

(4) Composite Materials (Italy) booth

Location: 6D06


a. “ZeroPreg” sustainable materials

b. New structural and body prepregs

(5) Zoltek booth

Location: 5H21


a. Thermoplastic tape by A+ Composites

b. Thermoplastic A+ Composites based composite parts

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