Science versus Art: A Friendly Competition

The AATCC Foundation provides scholarships and grants to students with an interest in any or all aspects of the textile industry. The Foundation recently launched a fundraising campaign to endow two of its most popular scholarships: the Textile Chemistry Scholarship for undergraduates pursuing courses or programs related to textile, polymer, or color science; and the Textile Design Scholarship for undergraduates pursuing courses or programs in textile, apparel, or home fashion design.

The goal for this year is to raise $6,000 for each scholarship.

The big question is which scholarship will be endowed first? AATCC Foundation is dedicated to connecting the textile community, but a little friendly rivalry never hurt. Cast your vote for Chemistry or Design—or both—with a donation to the Foundation.

Donate to the Textile Chemistry Scholarship at:

Donate to the Textile Design Scholarship at:

This year, AATCC Foundation celebrates a quarter of a century! Over the course of these 25 years, the Foundation’s mission has flourished! In 2007, the Foundation offered its first undergraduate scholarship; today, the Foundation offers 19 undergraduate scholarships, two graduate fellowships, and 10 student research support grants to undergraduate and graduate students studying textile-related fields in colleges and universities across the US!

AATCC Foundation is funding the future in textiles! Make your mark today, donate or get more information at:

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