ACIMIT renews its corporate identity with a new logo and website

ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, has presented its renewed corporate identity, the result of a collaborative effort involving the association itself and the communications agency Take, which handled the logo’s restyling, new brandbook design, and the development of the new website.

ACIMIT’s new image reflects its evolving and dynamic soul. The logo has been renewed so as to remain faithful to the association’s values, which are strongly rooted in Italy, while accentuating its international impetus, representing the evolutionary nature of the entire textile machinery sector. The official website has been completely renovated both in its look, feel and structure, but remains essentially unchanged in its DNA.

“Creativity, technological innovation, and a coming together of Italian concepts – these are the ideas that have guided us in conceiving and redefining our logo and our association’s coordinated image,” states ACIMIT president Alessandro Zucchi. “The new logo was designed to mirror our organization’s core values, with two main goals: promoting the idea of closeness and coming together, while reflecting a spirit of belonging for all our associated partners, and proposing ACIMIT to the global textile supply chain, communicating Italy’s leadership role in the textile machinery sector.”

A further innovation announced by ACIMIT is the all-new communications concept promoting the presence of Italy’s textile machinery manufacturers at ITMA 2023, which will be held in Milan from June 8-14 this year. The key communications concept designed to bring people together at ITMA is Shaping the Future, a project developed to link ACIMIT’s core values to those of ITMA, comprising the association’s various activities, initiatives and communications schemes, all of which will be presented with the support of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Trade Agency. The aim is to promote an immediate desire to shape the future of the textile supply chain, tracing an innovative and ever-changing path. The website and communications initiatives enhancing ACIMIT’s corporate identity, as well as the creative project Shaping the Future, can be viewed online and on the association’s official channels as of end of April.

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