Former Chairman Reinhardt Veit deceased

It is with great sadness that VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies says farewell to Reinhardt Veit, who died on December 30 at the age of 96. Reinhardt Veit founded the company Veit GmbH in 1956 and became known worldwide as a pioneer of professional ironing technology. In 1990, he handed over the management to Günter Veit. Since 2019, his son Christopher Veit, the grandson of the company founder, has been the group's main managing director.

Reinhardt Veit was Chairman of VDMA TFL (then called Garment and Leather Technology Association) from 1999 to 2002 and steered the Association very successfully into the new millennium. He was held in high esteem by the board, our members and our business partners around the world due to his positive, warm, compassionate and helpful manner. He was a man of firm principles and values and was known as a reliable business partner. We will always cherish Mr. Reinhardt Veit's memory.

Do you have any questions? Elgar Straub, Managing Director of the VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies Association, telephone 80920-278287 -, will be happy to answer them. 

Reinhardt Veit † © 2021 VDMA
Reinhardt Veit † © 2021 VDMA

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