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Maximum sustainable and colorful innovation in Ternua's FW 2023 collection

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Ternua has just presented their collection for next winter to their sales network at their headquarters in Arrasate, Guipúzcoa. The high degree of sustainable innovation the brand uses in all of their garments can be felt throughout the collection. Following their maxim of protecting both people and the planet, Ternua out does itself with each new collection using highly innovative and environmentally friendly textiles and treatments. The collection will also impress people with its colorfulness and transversality between ranges, especially the most technical ones like Protech, Adrenalite and Trekking.

As a first, Ternua has designed base layers that are unique in the market. On one hand, there is Nore Series Baselayers – Soft & Warm that has seamless innerwear with different patterns for men and women made with Tencel and Merino wool that transfer moisture very well and really come into their own in cold climate sports. What sets them apart is that they've been developed using the pioneering “REVERSE KNITTING TECHNOLOGY” construction technology, which transforms the conventional way of making this kind of garment. And, thanks to this technology, the natural threads are left in contact with the skin and the polyamide coated elastic is on the outside of the garment, so the result is a soft and natural textile in contact with the skin. That innovation puts them at the vanguard of sustainability in the industry. The garments are also aligned with and completely committed to the brand's sustainable innovation goals. The threads used are low impact, recycled or renewable and they have PEFC certification and the Merino wool is mulesing free. On the other hand, Ternua has designed the Seal - Warm&Dry series that has the HeiQ fresh mint anti-odor treatment, which is a pioneering technique for eliminating odors using organic components instead of heavy metals. It has breathable and fast-drying base layers without seams that are made of recycled polyamide from fishing nets (Ternua Redcycle project) and coasted elastane that also has the same recycled polyamide.

In the most technical line, the fine job done by the R&D department has led to the brand presenting a Protech line made entirely with recycled materials. They're presenting the new MAUNA KEA JKT and PT models that are designed with the Shelltec Active Flex (20k/20k) recycled textile that provides maximum protection under very adverse climate conditions. In this category, the brand counts on the collaboration of their mountaineering friends who give input on the design of the garments to make the end result better.

In Adrenalite, the other technical line, Ternua has presented a line made with 92% recycled materials and is including more and more garments made with eco textiles. There are three new products in the line - RAPID JKT, AGILE HYBRID JKT and RACE JKT - and RAPID TOP from previous seasons has been brought back. They have layers designed with different textiles, but they're all multi-function, lightweight, compactible and very breathable and they're focused on doing high intensity activities.

In the trekking line, Ternua is staying committed to designing technical garments by leading global suppliers with high performance textiles, most of which are created in the brand's innovation department. Ninety-five percent of the collection has textiles with the Bluesign® seal, which is the most rigorous standard in the industry for toxic chemical products and spans from the start of the supply chain to the finished product. Ternua has included 18 new garments in their coming winter collection, eight of which are made with textiles from the Redcycle project. It's a line where functionality, sustainability, comfort and style are brought together to provide a varied line of clothing envisioned to protect and accompany users in their winter hiking and trekking outings. The line is completed by a series of highly versatile new backpacks that Ternua designed mainly for hiking, but also for traveling or activities in the city. The backpacks have different capacities from 20 to 45 liters and they're all made with recycled and highly functional textiles with all kinds of details included.

In the New Earth Spirit category, the Ternua line with sustainable clothing to wear every day inspired by the history of the brand and that is more focused on everyday use, clothing from unique projects like Wearcycle (recycled from post-consumer textiles), Colorcycle (garments died in a natural way with non-edible agricultural waste) or the previously mentioned Redcycle project (for recycling unused fishing nets) carry a lot of weight. It's a line where a lot of work was done on design and comfort to achieve a lifestyle look.

Whales Spirit, the most premium and sustainable streetwear line is the high note of the season. The line is made of garments made with 100% recycled materials with an outdoor inspired elegant and minimalist design. It's aimed at people with sustainability at heart who have an active city life. This line includes the famous ISPO AWARD winning Terranova/South River 2.0 and Craddle 2.0 jackets and the Artile jacket, which has Latxa sheep filling.

Like always, Ternua has also included a series of highly functional and sustainable accessories for winter mountains, like hats, neck gaiters, gloves and headbands for protecting people from the cold.

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