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The latest issue of CHT Fashion News reveals the on-trend colors for the coming spring and sommer season

CHT shows you the corresponding PANTONE® color reference for each selected color tone as well as the recipe formulation for your individual implementation with the Bezema Colour Solutions dye and pigment ranges.

The first theme world combines trendy, digital-like colors with lighter, powdery shades. An exciting mix that makes room for creative thinking breaks – out of the real world into a perfect mental sanctuary, full of well-meaning emotions and possibilities.

Feeling joyfulness, feeling closeness - the second theme world focuses on the essential sensations that humanity has been denied for a long time. Full-bodied and positive colors announce a new old era.

Far away from mainstream and consumerism, color world No. 3 creates a deep and intimate connection to nature. Soft, summery pastel shades remind us of balmy summer mornings with scenic skies.

The CHT dyestuff team supports you at any time with information and detailed application advice.

Download the report here:


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