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Online, stationary and mobile measurement of characteristic fabric-design parameters

SETEX GSP250 Inspector © 2022 SETEX
SETEX increased the product family of camera-based instruments to provide fabric parameters such as yarn thickness, yarn frequency, fabric geometry and pore size.

GSP INSPECTOR 250/5 for direct measurement of characteristic filter parameters.

The effect of functional wear, filters or clinical applications depends on the diameter of the largest particles that can just pass through the mesh. In the forefront of complex permeability tests, the measurement-based determination of the critical mesh parameters already enables a correlation with the targeted requirements.

GSP INSPECTOR 250/5 reports with a simple measurement the pore size, pore shape, and fabric pore count in plain weaves. Developed with input from the filtration industry, the system provides further characteristics such as yarn thickness and the open mesh area.

The graphical measurement also visualizes structure defects in addition to the characterizations, and their influence on the result can be tracked interactively.

Test results are easy to view and analyze on screen and reports can be customized for print and export to PDF.

FabricINSPECTOR provides fast and simple measurements of the fabric density.

Aimed to automotive, workwear and protective wear industries with high quality-criteria, the thread analysis for woven and knitted fabrics gives consistent results in a fraction of the traditional counting time.

If it takes about 4 minutes to determine the thread count of 5 fabrics with a thread density of about 40 threads per cm by counting with a magnifying glass, the FabricINSPECTOR does this in 55 seconds by measuring.

The evaluation of KPIs and tolerances keeps a record of quality along the value chain.

FabricINSPECTOR Mobile

The lightweight and compact FabricINSPECTOR Mobile is ideal for users who want a quick decision at the location of the operation. Without the need for sampling and punching patterns, you get reliable measured values - even from running fabric.

By sharing the database and reporting app with the desktop FabricINSPECTOR, it is an easy to supplement existing units.

More information at SETEX in Hall 12.0, D68 inside the VDMA area.

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