DMIx ecosystem now offers the latest trend information for color and material development

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DMIx eXcite, an inspiration hub for design teams, brands and suppliers, has been added to the DMIx ecosystem. eXcite launches with highly advanced 2024 color trends using the pioneering DMIx MoodBoard tool.

ColorDigital GmbH, with its interactive collaboration platform DMIx, is excited to announce the introduction of DMIx eXcite, an inspirational multimedia material and color trend-hub within the DMIx platform. DMIx eXcite offers interactive moodboards showcasing early upcoming trends with direct access to various assets which can be used as a reference across the entire DMIx environment and dedicated industry applications.

DMIx eXcite rolls-out with pioneering summer 2024 color trend moodboards, identified in close collaboration with fashion experts of the DMI Fashion Institute’s global network and an international textile industry advisory board.

DMI is one of leading trend agencies in the market. As part of a network of trend agencies from all around the world, DMI’s trend forecasts are based on in-depth expertise and big data analysis, supplying all sectors of the fashion industry with reliable trend information.

“eXcite fuels the creative work with DMIx-exclusive trend information and inspiration,” says Carl Tillesen, COO and Trend Analyst at DMI Fashion Institute. “The content on eXcite is generated by DMI using the DMIx digital MoodBoard module.”

With the first roll out, DMIx eXcite offers an additional source of color trend information for brands, suppliers, designers and colorists – directly usable on the DMIx platform. Any colors that are presented on the eXcite trendboard can be transferred to the DMIx users’ individual MoodBoards and collections plus it is possible to source existing fabrics in that trend color within the DMIx environment. The digital trend colors can be used to creating new digital materials too. 

“We are excited to provide a new and vibrant source of information, directly connected to the digital product development workflows of our users. A team of highly skilled international experts will provide inspirational scenarios around color and material development at a very early point ahead of each season. With eXcite, we are following our passion around color, material and trims for virtual and industrial applications” says Gerd Willschütz, CEO and Co-Founder of ColorDigital GmbH.

eXcite will be available free of charge to all existing DMIx users from 11 January 2023.

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