Lectra launches Connected PIM by Lectra

Lectra, a major global Industry 4.0 player in the fashion, automotive and furniture markets, is launching Connected PIM by Lectra. This connected PIM solution offers powerful functionalities not only to enrich and publish product data, but also to integrate it directly into the various sales channels. Thanks to a real-time connection to the product database, fashion brands and distributors can now update their product data simultaneously on all the e-commerce sites and marketplaces they use. Connected PIM by Lectra also integrates sales and inventory data directly into product information management.

This unique PIM (Product Information Management) solution allows fashion players to maximize their online sales, with superior product data and extensive connectivity.

In fashion, more and more collections and products have a very short lifespan. Product information is ephemeral, so it is essential to have the right data at the right time to reach the right consumer. And to keep up with market changes, brands and retailers need to centralize their product data, use efficient publishing and ordering functions, and adapt this information to a wide variety of sales channels.

Connected PIM by Lectra is the first solution available that optimizes the entire digital sales cycle with a single global tool by allowing direct data exchange between brands and sales channels. “This is a big step forward in the fashion sector, because no other PIM tool natively allows such two-way exchanges. Traditionally, customers have had to establish connections between their PIM tool and the digital channels themselves. With Connected PIM by Lectra, they now have a turnkey solution for storing, enriching, and publishing product data directly on digital channels around the world, with no additional effort required,” explains Giampaolo Urbani, co-founder and manager of Kubix Link at Lectra.

Developed for fashion brands and distributors, Connected PIM by Lectra is based on Lectra’s existing and proven technological solutions: Kubix Link – Product Information Management tool – and Neteven – marketplace integration platform designed to make multichannel distribution easier.

Connected PIM by Lectra offers, via a single interface, dynamic and real-time control of all sales channels worldwide. By centralizing the management of distribution channels and natively integrating the requirements of marketplaces such as automated product creation management, providing the right information to the right consumer on the various sales channels finally becomes a reality.

“Connected PIM by Lectra accelerates sales optimization and the implementation of sales distribution strategies, notably thanks to a dashboard for analyzing and monitoring performance as well as support from Lectra’s expert Customer Success Managers. Through direct access to digital data, fashion brands and retailers know which product information really matters to consumers,” concludes Greg Zemor, Co-Founder and CEO of Neteven, a Lectra company.

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