natific presents digital color matching at the Performance Days

Good bye to traditional color matching – thanks to natific digital Color Systems (c) 2019 natific
Everyone is talking about the climate – and that goes for the textile industry, too. As digitalization advances and new technologies emerge, the product development process is becoming more and more sustainable. Color matching is the only step that is often still a manual, time consuming process. Digital solutions offer tremendous optimization potential, with high 1st-Hit-Ratios that reduce production lead times by up to 6 weeks.

In addition, CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced because digitalization helps to match colors more accurately and precisely, rendering post-production color adjustments obsolete. It also eliminates the need to ship physical lap dips and production strike-offs by costly couriers. natific will be providing more information on its color solutions at the Performance Days trade fair at Messe München, Hall C1, Booth Q 20.

“There are very clear advantages: In addition to greater sustainability and shorter production times, it is the uniform color values within a collection that speak most in favor of switching to digital color matching,” says Christoph Bergmann, Senior Partner of Switzerland-based natific AG. “But it does require everyone in the entire supply chain to rethink their practices.”

Once companies decide to digitalize their color matching processes, natific offers them not only expert software solutions, but also extensive support and training for the transition. Today, 9 of the top 20 US-based brands work with natific systems. Three of the world’s largest sportswear suppliers — namely adidas, Nike and Under Armour — are among natific’s customers. 

natific ColorWarehouse – Real-time color management system

In order to provide customers with a platform for monitoring color production in real-time, natific developed its ColorWarehouse. This industry-first B2B software solution ensures high precision and reproducible color results for both brands and suppliers. All color data from the supply chain are transferred to a cloud-based system for central information management. Designers no longer need to send physical color samples or make visual assessments. In addition, there are fewer surprises when colors are off-shade or show metamerism. Dye houses actually self-approve colors when they are within tolerance. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be benchmarked across different mills, services tracked and monitored, and quality issues minimized. Development cycles are shortened by an average of four to six weeks while color quality is elevated.

Beyond production monitoring functionalities, the system enables strategic supply chain management. Solid indicators help identify key performers and facilitate decision-making that supports supply chain optimization. 

ASAP – the analysis tool for generation 2.0 color managers

Another innovative product from natific AG is ASAP, a B2B platform for digital and physical color development that helps brands and affiliated suppliers efficiently achieve the greatest possible color accuracy. Based on a brand’s color standards, the system tracks key indicators for digital and physical color matching as well as for evaluating a supplier’s quality and delivery performance. This gives retailers and brands reliable information about whether and by when suppliers can execute a desired colorway, print or pattern. Suppliers, on the other hand, can optimize their dye formulas and reduce or completely eliminate lengthy lab dipping processes by using digital color approvals. In short, ASAP tells customers very clearly how accurately a supplier can produce a given color for a given material before going into production.

Fully integrated for precise color results

In contrast to traditional platforms that solely provide digital color data to suppliers, ASAP works by enabling a two-way interactive exchange between brands and their suppliers. The platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures, such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), ensures smooth communication. Traditional data management based on the exhange of emails and Excel sheets can be eliminated. ASAP is the perfect way for textile and apparel companies to start digitizing their colors and create sustainable color processes for the future.

Performance Days

natific’s portfolio of product and services will be showcased at the Performance Days event on November 13 and 14 in Hall C.1, Booth Q 20. Christoph Bergmann will be giving in-depth presentations of the natific systems (ColorWarehouse, ASAP and WhiteWarehouse) and services, using a number of real-life case studies. 

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