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Lenzing introduces carbon neutral lyocell fibers from U.S. specialty production site

VEOCEL(TM) Climate Care Carbon Neutral Key Visual © 2022 Lenzing
Lenzing is dedicated to offering products based on renewable material wood, derived from sustainably managed forests, and the new carbon neutral lyocell fibers available in North America is the latest example of how they’re making significant strides in achieving new certification standards while reinforcing Lenzing’s commitments to carbon neutrality. [1] They are dedicated to implementing real change in the industry and embracing climate action through the zero carbon commitments and ongoing innovations.

Lenzing continues to maintain and pursue ways to reduce its carbon emissions for VEOCEL™ branded fibers, including investments in solar power, use of renewable energy sources, technology upgrades, and sourcing its materials from suppliers who also make efforts to reduce carbon emissions while working towards science-based targets.

  • As part of Lenzing’s intensive effort to reduce its carbon impact, for the first time carbon neutral VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers will be offered from the U.S. specialty production site, located in Mobile, Alabama.
  • In partnering with ClimatePartner, Lenzing’s remaining carbon footprint is fully compensated through the support of verified carbon offset projects.

Bringing value to industry partners within the region

Lenzing is aiming to work with existing and new customer partners within a vast radius of Mobile, AL, and to prioritize transportation of its product by railway, to further minimize carbon emissions. Lenzing encourages other fiber manufacturers and industry partners to join them in engaging with climate actions to reduce carbon emissions within the U.S.

“The production of our carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers in North America is a game changer for our customer partners who are seeing a rise in consumer demand for products such as flushable toilet tissues, cleaning, baby and facial wipes,” said Jean Francois De Gruttola, Head of Business Development, Nowovens (EU, U.S. & MEA) for Lenzing Fibers Inc. “Making VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers with Eco Disperse technology available in the U.S. allows us to expand our portfolio of carbon neutral fibers for the first time for better quality, and highlights the latest example of the thirty year history of reducing climate impact at our manufacturing site in Mobile, AL.”

Additionally, Lenzing’s long-standing partner Suominen, the first supplier to adopt innovative carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers in March of 2022 states, “Suominen is open to collaborate with different partners and this collaboration with Lenzing is a great example. Carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers will support our goal of providing more sustainable products to the market. We are excited and proud to be the first to offer North American sourced carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers for our products with Lenzing as our local partner. This collaboration is one more step towards our strategic vision to become the frontrunner for nonwovens innovation and sustainability,“ said Lynda Kelly, Senior Vice President Americas & Business Development at Suominen.

Collaboration with ClimatePartner to achieve carbon neutrality initiaitves

Lenzing’s carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers offer a 30% lower carbon footprint than the group average for Lyocell fibers. Additionally, remaining emissions allocated to this fiber type will be compensated through the support of verified carbon offset projects. Part of this reduction achievement is contributed by LFI’s switch to 100% renewable electricity. Moving Lenzing in the right direction as they aim to continuously reduce their carbon output in the coming years.

Since June of 2021, VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers are available as certified Carbon neutral products with a reduced and fully compensated carbon footprint through cooperation with ClimatePartner. Achieving certified carbon neutrality was the result of Lenzing’s ambitious carbon reduction efforts over the last years, its long term commitments to a net-zero target, and the collaboration with ClimatePartner, a recognized global leader in the design, development and delivery of corporate climate action programs, to offset the remaining emssions and thus verify the carbon neutrality of the fibers. Until they reach their net-zero target, Lenzing will continue to broaden its fiber offering through climate friendly solutions and are working in cooperation with ClimatePartner on additional verified carbon offset projects and carbon neutral solutions.

The VEOCEL™ brand will be sharing more details around Lenzing‘s decarbonization efforts for the nonwovens industry and the path ahead during the Hygienix conference on November 14th. Please refer here for more details.[P:

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