ITMA Asia + CITME 2018


Noseda srl (Italy) presents latest and new technology

Located in Hall H6, Stand C25, Noseda will present the most innovative and environmental-friendly products, as well as its new technologies that are constantly evolving. Noseda has consolidated a know-how in the technical and sportswear field which allows to offer a wide and complete range of dyeing machines for yarns (TF series), for fabrics in rope with the long jet MF and SP, without reel model.

With reference to open width fabrics, they propose the beam dyeing TS-A1 and, what is more, the washing range ELTEX W25-35 with its unique characteristics.

The acronyms HPF-HS, SCR 4000, Acquazero ® FLEX 10 are now part of a widely consolidated lexicon in Noseda technology talking about yarn, beam and Jet dyeing machines.

Hereunder, a concise but complete frame of the production: 

From TESS-TEX: it is a fully integrated system of machines and technologies for the preparation and dyeing of woven and knitted fabrics made of natural and synthetic fibres.

It includes:

1. Scouring, washing and relaxing lines

2. Beam dyeing machines

3. Beam winders

4. Jet dyeing machine based on a long term partnership with the Japanese Hisaka Works Ltd

5. Jigger dyeing machines

6. Lab and pre-production models complete the range of jet and beam dyeing and winding machines, matching every need.

To YARN-TEX: it is a perfectly integrated system including the most advanced dyeing machines and technologies.

It includes:

1. Vertical dyeing machines

2. Horizontal dyeing machines

Focusing on Noseda beam dyeing machine model TSA1:

BEAM DYEING TS-A1 In general, the beam dyeing in Concept versions allows an higher load, or, in case of machine full load, an higher flow rates and, therefore, an higher evenness and fastness as well as lower process dyeing time.The beam dyeing machines are available into different design and, consequently, they are equipped with many different options .Among the various and countless technical solutions, they mention the main features that characterize this typology of Noseda machines:

- HPF – HS meaning 7 bar design and construction and high flow without any risk of fabric slippage and liquor channeling.

- SCR 3000 for fully integrated flow, DP and cycles control (the advanced version is equipped with flow meter and inverter only in order to set the flow rate step by step via controller)

- SCR 3000 device for sampling

- Dosing system 

- Axial reducer for water saving and flow direction control: it grants a unique dyeing evenness reducing shade differences from fabric center to selvedges, no matter the weight of the dyed fabric.

- Dye Kitchen for friendly and fully automatic operations

- More options like DUAL, AcquaZERO are OPTIONAL and available upon request : their features will be discussed at a later stage.

As already specified, the Beam Dyeing TS- A1 in Concept version allows an higher flow rate and an higher load versus any other dyeing machine when dyeing high density technical fabrics or high elastane content fabrics. No fabric slippage, no liquor channeling, highest evenness and fastness levels are therefore reached.

For NOMEX® fabrics beam dyeing process, HPF.HS technology assures an high dyeing penetration and an excellent color evenness. AcquaZERO technology enables a drastic reduction of water, steam, energy as well as the reduction of carriers and benzyalcohol consumption.

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